What’s Cool in the Gay Scene? (The Vampire Look) 🏳️‍🌈🧛

A lot of gay men have told me that they feel attracted to Brad Pitt’s character in Interview with the Vampire. If you find that relatable, you might wonder why the vampire look is so sexy.

Never grow old

Vampires never grow old, never die, sleep all day and party all night. It must be really fun to be a vampire. Of course, we know we can’t literally become vampires, but we can have the vampire look – this is easy to achieve because the vampire look suits gay men very well.

Before the popularity of coolness in the 20th century, vampires were not regarded as sexy rebels in general. In the past, vampires were ghoulish and gloomy creatures, walking cadavers, with about as much attractiveness as that implies. Although vampires were considered to be drooling, creeping and disgusting monsters previously, they were relaunched later as urbane middle-European aristocrats by a sensational novel called Dracula (written by Bram Stoker in 1897).online gay dating

After that, there have been many new spins on the vampire story. For example, The Lost Boys and Twilight exploits the similarities between supernatural demons with overgrown canines and moody teenagers. Anyway, many people think the vampire look is very attractive. For instance, gay icon Darren Hayes had a vampire look in 1996 and 1997, as evidenced by his music videos To the Moon and Back (2 versions outside the United States). Lots of fans claim that those 2 versions featuring Darren Hayes’s vampire look are actually better than the US version which features a more masculine Darren Hayes. Well, as a matter of fact, the US version was carefully chosen by the American record company because this is how music videos and albums work (the example below is about Darren Hayes’s Savage Garden):

The record company gives an artist $10 million to get started. The artist uses $1 million to make a music video. If the record company doesn’t like it, the artist spends another $1 million to make another music video. If the record company still doesn’t like it, the artist spends another $1 million produce another music video. Now the record company likes it and the artist spends $7 million on marketing and other stuff. Basically, the $10 million is spent before the artist makes any real money. Now after the album has been sold more than 10 million copies, the artist breaks even and after that, selling more albums means the artist begins to make money (the artist receives $1 per album). Since Savage Garden has sold 30 million records, gay artist Darren Hayes has received approximately $20 million from that gig.

The vampire look

The vampire look is best characterized by black hair, pale skin, black eyeliners and red lips. If your hair is naturally black, then you don’t need to do anything (just make sure you wash your hair every day and use conditioner every day so that your hair looks smooth and beautiful). Personally, I like Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner. I remember when I used this combination six years ago, several gay tourists told me that they liked my new hairstyle. But in fact, I didn’t even get a new hairstyle; I only used Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner.hot gay dating app

You can use a good foundation to look pale enough (the key is to have an even skin tone). My personal favorite is Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10. This foundation has the best coverage and looks extremely natural & it has SPF, so it protects my skin in the sun. Also, I sit in front of the computer every day, so I need to protect my skin when I’m at work as well. (Pro tip for all gay travelers: I use f.lux to regulate the color of my computer’s screen, meaning my screen is orange at night – it’s an effective way to make sure my eyes are not affected by the blue light from the screen so that I can sleep better at night.)

As to eyeliners, I like Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – it’s so black! And it’s very easy to use. I can remove it easily with a makeup remover at night. I love the dramatic look on me.

Sometimes I even use some eye shadow to accentuate my alluring vampire eyes. The best eye shadow I’ve ever used is Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Glow Liquid Eye shadow. I like liquid eye shadow because the texture nurtures the skin near my eyes. By contrast, when I use a dry eye shadow, I’m worried about wrinkles around my eyes. Many gay men who dress up like drag queens have the same concern, as far as I know.

As for red lips, sometimes I wear a true red lip color; sometimes I wear a more natural lip color – It depends on how I feel. Usually, the true red lip color works better for my vampire look, in my opinion.

Apart from makeup, I also wear black clothes to emphasize my face. I remember a gay stylist told me that when someone wears black clothes, the focus is their face. No wonder many women who wear black clothes tend to wear heavy makeup at the same time.gay hook up

Your gay partner

When you dress up like a vampire, you don’t necessarily need the vampire’s teeth (unless it’s a Halloween party). When it comes to your partner’s look, he doesn’t have to dress up like a vampire (unless he wants to).

Now I’d like to talk about what accessories your partner may want to wear 😉

First of all, a flamboyant hat, like a flamboyant scarf, can proclaim your partner’s style. By the way, a hat and a scarf can make someone look younger, so these are tools that may be used to disguise the first signs of ageing – you don’t need to reveal your receding hairline or wrinkled neck if those worry you – just cap one and scarf the other & you look amazing!gay dating app free

Secondly, a beard is also an accessory, in my view. Recently, beards have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity worldwide. For example, Owen Cook, Roosh V, James Marshall and many other YouTube stars all have beards. Someone told Roosh V to shave his beard in order to hide who he really is when he was attacked by social justice warriors. But Roosh V says he can only wear a cap or a hat so as to change his look, but he will never get rid of his beard which is a sign of masculinity. Indeed, Roosh V promotes traditionalism, masculinity and nationalism. Although Roosh V doesn’t have a good reputation in the LGBTQIA community, he actually doesn’t have anything against gay men– the real conflict comes from his belief in traditionalism only (he is worried about the low birth rate in western countries).

Last but not least, tattoos and piercings are also great accessories. In lesbian author Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, she talks about her neighbor who frequently gets new tattoos. That neighbor says, “My body won’t last forever, so I should decorate my body when I still can!” I love this so much.

Just like me, many gay men are keen accessorizers. Are you one of us?

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