What You Need to Know about Affluent Gay Men

If you don’t know affluent gay men very well yet, don’t worry – I’m here to give you a comprehensive guide about how affluent gay guys operate.  I’ve spent many years being around top 10 gay men, so everything that I write in this article has been proved to be true.


But it doesn’t mean every single detail in this article applies to each and every top 10 gay man.  That’s not realistic.  However, this articledoes provide you with the fundamental principles that most high-quality gay men have.  Therefore, reading this book is the prerequisite of dating high-value men.  You will be equipped with powerful knowledge that most guys don’t have, so that’s your competitive advantage.


Without further ado, let’s have a look at affluent gay men’s very important principles and qualities.

They’re Decisive

Remember: Rich gay men are decisive, even in unclear situations.


The ability to make decisions with confidence is essential to success.  That’s why decisive men are more likely to become leaders.  Let’s analyse the following scenario:


In a company, average employees need to be told exactly what’s happening and what to do, and then they can do their jobs well.  In contrast, the CEO has to make decisions even in unclear situations.  That’s a major difference between average employees and a competent boss.


In reality, not every situation is clear.  The ability to be decisive in tough situations separates top 10 men from average men.top 10 gay man

Big-picture Men

Note that successful men focus on the big picture rather than small details.


Do you know why Gary Vaynerchuk can’t book a flight for himself?  That’s actually because he can’t deal with those small details which are required while booking a flight, such as time, date, flight number, and so forth.  As a result, booking flights is his assistant’s job.


Top 10 men often say, “Small details don’t change anything.  The big picture makes a difference.”


High-quality men find small details very stressful.  For instance, Gary Vaynerchuk says he can’t even look at those who are taking notes while he is speaking because their notes stress him out!


Clearly, top 10 men think about the big picture, so small details are delegated to others in order to make things work.successful gay man

Network = net worth

Please note that affluent gay men understand that their network is their net worth.


Powerful men become more powerful when they are well-connected.  That’s why wealthy gay men understand the value of their network.  No wonder high-quality men often say, “Who you know is as important as what you know.”  In my opinion, who you know might matter more.


Rich gay men are very good at building relationships, and that’s part of the reason why they look so charismatic.  Small wonder they are extremely attractive.sexy gay guy. 

Assets = Passive Income

Always remember: top 10 men focus on acquiring assets and creating passive income.


According to Robert Kiyosaki, an asset is something that generates cash flow.  In other words, it puts money in your pocket.  In contrast, a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.  If you are still confused, let me explain.


Many top 10 men are successful businessmen who hire employees to run their businesses.  For instance, I’m pretty sure that today Bill Gates doesn’t have to sit in his office in Microsoft in order to make money.  His company is automated by a business system and employees.  That means Bill Gates makes passive income whereas his employees make earned income.  In this case, Microsoft is Bill Gates’ asset because it puts money in his pocket even when he is asleep.


According to tax law in most western countries, people who make passive income pay less in taxes, while people who make earned income pay more in taxes, because those who make passive income create jobs for those who make earned income, and that’s why the government like successful businessmen.


Other examples of assets include information products, books and investments.  These all generate passive income.


Now let’s look at some examples of liabilities: If you buy a car, it takes money out of your pocket; if you buy a diamond necklace, it takes money out of your pocket; if you buy a house that you live in, it takes money out of your pocket.  Top 10 men know these are liabilities, whereas average men think these are assets.  That’s why average men are average.


Well, please don’t be intimidated by what I’ve shared with you in this article.  I understand that not every gay guy is looking for the world’s most successful gay man.  If you would like to date professionals such as lawyers and doctors, that’s also great.  Certainly, you can have your own definition of top 10 men.  This article is only designed to help you explore the mysterious world of the most powerful gay men on the planet, so at least the above-mentioned principles and qualities should give you some inspiration, right?


Now you have understood how affluent gay men operate, but do you know how to keep them sexually addicted to you?affluent gay men

Psychology of Sexuality

In a relationship, when intimacy is working, everything else works better as well.  Although great intimacy can’t make all your issues disappear, it’s an important sign of positive communication and a nice connection between you and your gay partner.


However, when intimacy isn’t working, everything else seems to be a bit off, even if both of you pretend that things are okay (for years).


Clearly, intimacy does matter a lot because it’s a revealing barometer for a relationship – it’s an indication of whether you two have a good connection and can communicate with each other well.  Therefore, without further ado, I’m going to reveal three key ideas that will help you become a mentally sexy gay guy.


Key idea: It’s perfectly okay for you to love pleasure, and it’s also okay to talk about pleasure.


Mainstream society tends to believe that well-mannered men shouldn’t like pleasure.  Even some mainstream gurus say so.  Many guys have been conditioned by expectations from the society, so they think intimacy is bad or evil.  In fact, that’s pure conditioning from modern society which is dominated by a group of elite people.  Actually, we all love pleasure because that’s human nature.


Statistics show that approximately 30% of the Internet traffic are looking for blue movies.


In fact, what affluent gay men really want is multi-dimensional partners.  A multi-dimensional guy is elegant, intelligent and sexy.  He knows when to display his different qualities.


If you are in a relationship, there is no reason to hide the fact that you love pleasure.  Embrace your sexuality!


Also, don’t forget to sensualize your life.


You automatically become a more sexual gay guy when you begin to think sexy.  That’s called the art of self-seduction.  Some good ideas to sensualize your life include giving him a sensual massage, wearing perfume to bed and feeding each other ice cream in bed.


The more naughty thoughts you have, the more sexual attention you get from him.  Don’t be afraid to initiate pleasure at times.


You can also send him a sexy text message during the day when he is at work.  He will smile when he receives that.


When he comes back home and he finds you only wearing an apronand pink lip gloss, he will be much less likely to stay late in his boring office.


Describe to him the very first time you met, the first time you kissed, and the first time you slept with him.  Describe it in graphic detail.  Tell him exactly how you felt at that time.  If you need some help, you may read a few erotic books so that your description can be more intriguing.


One bonus tip: You can tell your affluent gay man when he made you feel sexually aroused for the first time.  As a matter of fact, if you felt sexually aroused by unexpected things, that’s even better.  For instance, maybe you were aroused by seeing the sunset with him, or you were aroused when you two were walking on the beach.  Now he can see there is a genuine sexual spark, because you can’t manufacture it if you didn’t have that in the first place.


Also, tell your affluent gay guy in detail all the things you liked about him – and still do.  That’s the best way to make sure he is on his best behavior at all times, because he wants to be liked by you.


What’s more, it’s time to unleash your inner vixen.


A vixen is a happy, confident and inherently sexy gay guy who knows what he wants and what his gay partner wants – and how to get it.


Being a vixen is about being aware of your sexual power as a gay man, and knowing how to use that power to benefit you and your gay spouse.


Therefore, a vixen’s relationship stays exciting and passionate, and also secure.

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