Unconventional Strategies for Gay Guys (from the Best Gay Travel App)

If you are a drag queen and you are ready to join the best gay travel app and meet a large number of gay guys, you are in for a treat today, because now I’m going to share some powerful strategies with you so that you will become a more attractive gay man immediately.

Use Aphrodisiacs

A real aphrodisiac merely creates desire; it doesn’t necessarily improve sexual ability or performance.

Previously, I told my gay friends that alcohol lowers inhibitions in the mind, so it allows you to show your desire for s*x.  Therefore, alcohol is a true aphrodisiac.  But please drink moderately.

Another aphrodisiac that you may want to use is honey.  It increases testosterone levels in the body.  No matter who you are, a higher testosterone level in your body increases your libido.  Therefore, getting him to have some honey will increase his s*x drive.

The third aphrodisiac that I’d like to introduce to you is not something you can eat or drink: it’s music.  The most effective element of music is the memories we associate with it. For instance, the music from a romantic movie can set and carry the mood.  It changes the dynamics of the ambience immediately.

happy gay couple

Power of Your Gazes

You can add power to your gazes if you know how to do it properly.

Tilt your head towards your gay guy and look up at him through your thick lashes with a wry smile.

Intermittently turn your gaze to meet his.  Hold it for a few seconds and then look away as you smile mischievously.

Repeat this process.  Every time when your eyes meet his, keep the gaze a bit longer.

To add extra power to your gazes, say this line again and again in your mind while you look into his eyes: “Eye am curious about you.”

gay partner

Sexy Demonstrations

Although Sam is a fictional character who works as a narrator in the stories below, hecan certainly help you to expand your outlook here.  I believe that Sam will add some powerful insights now.  These techniques are practical; and at the same time, they will let your imagination go wild as Sam’s demonstration continues.  Yes, this section will reveal a wealth of powerful techniques when Sam’s sexy story unfolds.  By the way, I have to point out that this section also includes some really unique skills that will make gay guys sexually addicted to you.

Technique #1: Smile when talking on the phone because he can feel it.

Yes, smiling while conversing on the phone gives an inviting and relaxing quality to your voice and attitude.

Gay guy Sam’s Demonstration Story:

Sam’s Journal – 20th May

It’s such a warm and sunny Saturday morning.  Outside the window, the sun looks lazy.My skin is slowly caressed by the soft and gentle sunbeams.  I am thinking about my gay partner Liam now.

Liam and I have just started dating.  Because our relationship is so exciting, this morning I even feel that my coffee without sugar is already sweet.

“Liam, I’m calling you now simply because I’d like to hear your voice.”I’m talking to Liam on the phone with a flooding smile on my face.

“Actually, Sam, I’m standing at your doorstep and I was just about to knock on the door.” Liam sounds excited on the phone – and oh, he is already here.

“Shall we go somewhere for breakfast?” Liam asks me enthusiastically as I open the door.

“Of course,” I reply, “but we must get a taxi today.”

“Why can’t we drive?” Liam is curious.gay guy hookup

“You’ll know why very soon.” I give him a cheeky smile.

Before having real s*x with a new gay guy, I always make him addicted to my amazing private skills first, i.e. I can do the world’s most marvelous hand maneuver for him; I can give him the perfect blow job….and I sometimes do itin unexpected locations…. because my skills travel pretty well.

Liam and I are sitting in the back of a taxi.  I apply coconut oil to my hands and grab his Johnson – Liam is young, so he can have an erection very easily in the morning.  When I see his erection is ready, I immediately clasp my hands together like a basket weave and lower my hands over his erect Johnson.

My hands are working like an imposter v*gina, mimicking the sensation that is similar to that of when he enters a v*gina – like I said earlier, I tend to do a hand maneuver before having real s*x with a new gay guy.

I slowly lower my hands down his shaft and start with a continuous up-and-down twisting motion.

I do a gentle rotation at the base of his shaft before I start the upward stroke.

The slow twisting motion is done continuously while I do the up-and-down stroke to heighten the sensation for my gay guy Liam.

Then, suddenly, the twisting motion becomes faster.

I slow it down again.

Now the motion is like that of a washing machine done in a gentle way.

I can see that Liam needs to get out of the taxi, but he can’t.

What a sensational way to start a day!gay friends

(P.S. You don’t necessarily have to do it in a taxi, but you can certainly learn Sam’s hand maneuver.)

Technique #2: Gently massage his temples or lightly run your fingers over his lips while gazing into his eyes sensually.

In this way, when you have another kiss with a gay guy, you have already established a sexy rhythm which will lead to something even more sensuous.

Sam’s Demonstration Story:

Sam’s Journal – 19th June

I have been dating Liam for a while, and we have surely colored each other’s life in many different ways.

This morning, I go to my gay guy Liam’s place for breakfast because, compared to me, he is better at cooking!

“Although we talked on the phone ten minutes ago, I was already beginning to miss you after we finished the sweet talk.” Liam gives me a warm and gentle hug.

I lightly massage Liam’s temples and gaze into his eyes with sexy thoughts on my mind.  Liam looks even hotter now.

In fact, Liam has got nothing in his fridge as he just came back from Melbourne last night.

So, I pull up a chair in the kitchen and say, “Sit down, Liam.”

My gay guy Liam follows my instruction perfectly.

Today I plan to surprise him with the best oral s*x ever.

The beauty of dating a younger man is: he basically can have an erection whenever he wants to!

So, I use my thumb and index finger to create a “ring”.  Meanwhile, my other fingers mirror the shape of my forefinger and wrap around his Johnson to create a “tunnel”.

I “seal” the “ring” to my lips (like a tube to my mouth).  In this way, the length of the area with which I generously give Liam pleasure is extended.

Now the “ring” and my mouth are doing a continuous up-and-down motion on his erect shaft.

Then the “ring” and my mouth are doing a slow twisting motion.

Meanwhile, my tongue keeps a hot, back-and-forth stroke across the head of his Johnson – this gives my gay guy Liam the perfect combination of pressure, moisture and heat.

While my right hand is “sealed” to my mouth, the smooth knuckle area of my left hand is doing a circular motion on his balls.

I can hear the chair moving….Best Gay Travel App

What a glorious breakfast with a gorgeous gay guy.

Technique #3: Have condoms laid out in plain sight when you are ready to have s*x with a gay guy.

If you have condoms laid out in plain sight, men wouldn’t even question using them.  This can be done in a smart way, as evidenced by the example below.

Gay guy Sam’s Demonstration Story:

Sam’s Journal – 31st July

In an artistic restaurant in Sydney.

“Sam, we’ve known each other for months….  I have certainly enjoyed the entrées.  I’m just wondering… when are we going to savor the main course?” Liam asks me while eating the last oyster on the plate.

“Since oysters are aphrodisiacs, I guess the main course isn’t too far away.” Slowly, I look at Liam’s eyes, his nose, his lips and his eyes again.

My gay guy Liam remains silent for about 30 seconds, and then he tells the waiter to bring the main course.

My main course is Chili Ginger Glazed Salmon, and Liam’s is Thyme Seared Scallops on Coconut Creamed Corn with Red Bell Peppers.

“Let’s eat the main course mindfully.” Liam lowers the pitch of his voice.

“Savor every bite.” Happiness is flowing in my heart as I sip the wine before eating the divine salmon.

“Hmmm… The main course tastes hotter than the entrée, doesn’t it?” Liam is naughty.

“I’m sure the dessert is going to be even hotter.” I speak with certainty.

“How do you know?” My gay guy Liam is curious.

“Let’s have the dessert at home.” I suggest.

At 10pm. In my house.

“Which dessert would you choose?” I present a nice tray to Liam – I lay differentcondoms out on an exquisite tray and now these colorful condoms look like happy party favors.

Liam points at the flavored condom (tropical flavor) and I tear the packaging with my teeth.

I hold the condom in my mouth with the teat facing inwards, then I

put my mouth at the head of Liam’s Johnson and roll the condom down his shaft with my lips.

Hmmmmm. Being sensuously generous gives me the hottest dessert.

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