Self-help/Personal Development in the Gay Scene

Most people that I know in the gay scene like self-help and personal development, including gay lovers and gay travelers. Further examination shows that the majority of my gay friends are growth-driven people, so they value knowledge and personal growth.

Video courses & eBooks

Yesterday I was discussing online programs with a friend of mine who is keen to create an online course teaching gay travel tips and tricks. So, we break down the pros and cons of video courses & eBooks.

Video courses are more profitable because the prices can be higher. Yet the production cost is also higher, so it’s always a trade-off.

Most people find it easier to learn from a video course. As a matter of fact, some gay travelers stop reading books after finishing school, so they prefer video courses.other gay men

By contrast, eBooks are cheaper to produce (a video editor isn’t required), but the prices of eBooks are also lower, hence lower profit.

Having said that, eBooks tend to attract higher-quality gay travelers who are keen to learn something interesting and intelligent. Those who value education and wisdom generally love reading, so eBooks may attract better customers in general.

Anyway, if you are a gay guy looking for personal development or self-help materials right now, I can recommend something useful today:

  • Gala Darling’s online programs and books – note that Gala Darling’s programs are eBook courses, meaning she sends a chapter of an eBook to each student’s email Inbox regularly & there is no membership site. She has some high-profile gay friends who totally love her teachings.
  • Mark Manson’s website – Mark Manson has a blog which publishes free articles as well as premium content for his members who are paying a low fee regularly. If you become a premium member of his website, you will not only access those premium articles, but also get his online courses.
  • Kate Northrup’s online programs and books – If you are a transgender man looking for some guidance, Kate Northrup’s content is perfect for you. As long as you identify yourself as a woman, you will learn a lot from Kate. She has several offerings: Origin Collective, Money Love Course, Feng Shui for Financial Freedom, Do Less Immersion and two books.

Full disclosure: This article isn’t affiliate marketing. The fact that you purchase something because you’ve read the information on this webpage doesn’t bring me any commission.

Total transparency: Personally, I have read Gala Darling’s first book Radical Self-love, read her blog articles, listened to her podcast episodes and watched her YouTube videos. I have read Mark Manson’s blog articles and his three books. I have read Kate Northrup’s two books and I’m currently doing Do Less Immersion with her (I got a free seat in this online program because I pre-ordered her new book). I just hope what I’ve found on the Internet can help many other gay men, including gay travelers.high-profile gay friends

Educational novels

This may surprise you – A study shows that reading fiction is good for emotional intelligence because it helps us understand other people’s emotions better.

Donald Trump argues that emotional intelligence is the No. 1 important factor which leads to success, including financial success.

No matter you like Donald Trump or not, we can agree that emotional intelligence is quite important. Hence, I would like to encourage gay lovers and gay travelers to read more novels, thereby improving our emotional intelligence.

Personally, I’d like to recommend the following gay novels:

  • The Hours: A Novel (by Michael Cunningham)
  • Running with Lions (by Julian Winters)
  • Something Like Summer (by Jay Bell)
  • The Understatement of the Year (by Sarina Bowen)
  • Hemovore (by Jordan Castillo Price)
  • Broken Places (by R. Anthony Martin)
  • My Father’s Girlfriend’s Son (by Tony Tone)

Because sometimes I’m a nerd, I’d like to send emails to authors whose books I’ve enjoyed reading. Interestingly, most authors are extremely interested in responding to my emails because they love the fact that their books have made my gay life easier, better and more enjoyable!

I often travel with gay novels because I just feel inspired by reading creative gay stories. Many gay travelers have the same habit as travel tips

Free resources online

Pat Flynn once said, “If I have money, I would invest in my education. If you don’t have money, you can still learn for free.” And Lewis Howes agrees with him by saying, “Just make it simple at the beginning – learn for free online as much as possible.”

The Internet if full of free content that can teach you useful things, including knowledge and skills, so you should totally leverage this tool well.

Because Gary Vaynerchuk is pushing content marketing very hard (he is a well-known entrepreneur and thought leader in the marketing industry), most businesses publish free content regularly in order to get more traction on the market. Therefore, you can always learn for free scene

As the quality of free resources varies, I have already filtered these resources for you, so that every gay traveler and gay lover reading this article can directly benefit from my research right now.

Okay. Here is a list of useful free resources on the Internet (I find them particularly helpful in terms of self-help, personal development, lifestyle design, finances, health & fitness, dating & relationships and gay travel):

    • Shawn Stevenson’s podcast The Model Health Show – This podcast is all about strategies that can help you become healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Occasionally, Shawn Stevenson talks about other aspects of personal development as well.
    • Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube channel Impact Theory – Many gay travelers are digital entrepreneurs who run online businesses, so Tom Bilyeu should be very inspiring (he is a self-made entrepreneur who runs a billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition).
    • RSDTyler and RSDfreetour (two YouTube channels) – Although RSD is a pickup company teaching men how to get girls, Owen Cook is actually a better life coach who has a wealth of knowledge to share with everyone, including gay travelers that are looking for self-help content. His “The Truth about Success” videos are the best.
    • Though the majority of articles on this website isn’t about gay relationships, occasionally they publish some articles that can benefit gay travelers as well.

Do It Yourself

My final suggestion is you can do it yourself, meaning you don’t have to start one online program after another; you don’t have to constantly learning something on the Internet. Instead, you can just begin to do it yourself by eating the right food, going to the gym and sleeping well.

It’s definitely possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling the world. I’ve done it, and many other gay travelers have done it, too.about gay relationships

That being said, you shouldn’t stop reading because you need new ideas to fast track the process. The only downside of reading books is it takes time. But you always reap the benefits in the long term. If you don’t have time to read, then I don’t know what you are doing with your time.

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