Places Where You Can Meet Successful Gay Sugar Daddies

Before I show you a list of places to meet high-quality gay sugar daddies, I’d like to point out two big mistakes that you’d better avoid so that you’ll be on the fast track to success.

What to Avoid

Mistake 1: Go out with a group of men.

There is a difference between making an effort and making an intelligent effort.  If you always hang out with a group of men, it’s harder for you to meet a gay sugar daddy.  That’s because most men would be intimidated by your male friends (they are imagining being rejected by you in front of your friends, so they probably wouldn’t approach you.)

Mistake 2: Only accept a date from the “dream guy”.

Real life is not a romantic movie.  If he looks like a good man, give him a chance.  This is not settling; in contrast, dating him after you have found out he is not the right guy is settling.  You have to date in order to find the right guy, not find the right guy and then date him.  So just find out whether he is the right guy or not by spending some time with him first.potential gay sugar daddies

Now I’m going to list a variety of places to meet gay sugar daddies.  This article is not a regular article which lists 200 places (including shopping malls and restaurants) for you to meet any random men.  This article is about how to meet rich gay sugar daddies, so you’ll need to be open-minded and understand why the methods target high-quality men only.  Make sure you go to places that you already want to go because your genuine interest will make the process more enjoyable, more sustainable and much easier!  If your only purpose is to meet a gay sugar daddy, it can become stressful.  Therefore, relax and have a look at the following places (focus on places that suit you; places that may not suit you can still give you some inspiration).

Upscale Parties

First of all, let me introduce an analogy.  If you have some knowledge about business and marketing, probably you know there is a difference between leads and qualified leads.  For instance, if you sell toys in a random street, it’s harder for you to find many customers who will actually buy your toys.  But if you sell toys at the entrance of a kindergarten, probably many people will buy your toys.  That’s the difference between leads and qualified leads.  Now let’s have a look at why upscale parties bring “qualified leads” to you.

Upscale parties are so important because gay sugar daddies are in social mode when they go to these parties.  Honestly, if you meet men elsewhere, it’s a bit harder to get them romantically interested in you because they are not in social mode (they are “men in general”).  However, at parties, they expect to meet other gay men and have fun – now you can see they are “qualified men” at these parties.  Therefore, it’s time for you to spare some time for upscale parties every month (or more frequently).meet rich gay sugar daddies

If you are looking for a gay sugar daddy, don’t go to a pub where people can buy 2 glasses of beer for $1.  That’s not where high-quality men are.  Also, men are on their worst behavior at cheap parties.  Instead, you should go to upscale parties where you can actually meet gay sugar daddies.  These parties include:

Wine tasting events:  These events are great parties for you to meet gay sugar daddies because most high-quality men prefer classy wine.  Before you go to such an event, make sure you have done your homework (i.e. you have acquired some knowledge about wine by reading relevant information online).  Then when you go to the wine tasting event, you’ll be able to have meaningful conversations with men who also join the party.  (Bonus tip: whenever you go to a party alone, make sure you arrive early.  For instance, if the party starts at 7pm, most people wouldn’t arrive until around 8pm.  But you should arrive at 7pm so that you can meet the organizer/host of the party.  Therefore, the organizer has to talk to you because there aren’t many people around yet.  Better still, the organizer’s job is to be friendly to you, so now you have a new friend who is obviously very well connected!  Gradually, other guests will arrive, so the organizer can introduce each guest to you!  When other guests see you are pretty close to the organizer, your perceived value is increased in their eyes because now you have social proof.)

Universities’ cocktail parties and masquerade balls:You may wonder, “Why universities?”I know this one looks a bit bizarre, but let me explain.  University students and alumni attend these parties.  If you are interested in meeting successful professionals such as lawyers and doctors (or future lawyers and doctors) or intelligent men with advanced degrees, cocktail parties and masquerade balls organized by universities are perfect places to meet these men.  That’s because not only will you meet well-educated men who are doing advanced degrees, but also meet alumni who graduated years ago (which means they are probably more mature).  Even if you meet someone who hasn’t finished university yet, maybe this guy is doing a Master’s Degree or a PhD.  That means he is probably in his late 20s or 30s.  Some successful CEOs want to do MBA or EMBA programs at prestigious universities, so they may want to attend these parties to network and further understand the value of MBA and EMBA programs.  Therefore, it is clear that you are very likely to meet many potential gay sugar daddies at parties organized by a gay sugar daddy

Usually, you don’t have to be a student or former student of a particular university in order to attend their parties because oftentimes these parties allow other guests to join.  So, you can go to a university’s campus and see if there are any posters about cocktail parties or masquerade balls.  Alternatively, you can search information online (their tickets are usually sold online, which makes buying a ticket much easier for you).  There are many clubs, associations and societies in every university and they often have special events and parties.

Now you may wonder, “How am I going to explain why I’m at their party?”  The answer is simple:  You can say, “I heard about your club/society/association/university and was very impressed, so I just decided to come here and have a look.”  In this way, you are paying them a subtle compliment, so now they like you even more and want to impress you further (in psychology, that’s called positive reinforcement).  Normally, people wouldn’t care why you attend their party because the organizer definitely wants to sell more tickets and other people at the party are there to enjoy themselves.looking for a gay sugar daddy

You don’t have to go to parties organized by the same association (or the same university) all the time.  You can attend parties organized by different universities and different associations or societies.  Personally, I’m not a university student now, so each time I go to these parties, I simply say I’m going to write an article about dynamics at cocktail parties or masquerade balls.  That’s why I attend this party (which is actually true).  The organizer is always very happy to hear that because apparently the organizer wants me to promote their event by writing about it.  Obviously, the expense of going to these parties are 100% tax-deductible for me because that’s actually a part of my work – it’s either doing research for my writing or advertising for my business at parties and events.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are beautiful places to meet gay sugar daddies because: A). single gay guys often go on a cruise ship hoping to meet other gay men, so probably they are there to look for you; B). you spend a few days with a group of people in a very special environment, so it’s easier to build attraction with someone on a ship; C). men who have leisure time and money can afford cruises, so the quality of men that you’ll meet can’t be too low – Remember: price is a natural filter.

If you do some research on the Internet, you can easily see there are local companies which specifically organizes cruises.  Cheaper options are 2-night cruises and 3-night cruises, whereas more expensive options are 6-night cruises and 7-night cruises.  You can choose a cruise according to your budget.  In fact, the more upscale the cruise, the better your selection of men!  Maybe you’ll meet some older men on cruise ships because usually older men have more leisure time and more money to do wonderful things like that.  Even if you are not interested in meeting older men, you can still become their friends because oftentimes they know other successful single men that can be introduced to you.  That means actually you should try your best to make friends with everybody on the cruise ship because you never know who you will meet through them.  The good news is people who go on a cruise ship expect to make friends with new people because they will spend a few days or a week with you on the same ship, so why not be friendly?  Even if you meet some new random friends, that’s fine because they may introduce their brothers or cousins to you.  Or maybe they will give you career opportunities.

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