Paris Gay: Gay Travelers’ Manual in Paris

Gay travelers love Paris! Yes, it is the most romantic city in the world. Who doesn’t want to go to Paris and find true love?

Gay Bars Paris


This is the most popular gay pub in Paris. It’s open from 6pm to 4am on weekdays & from 6pm to 5am on weekends.

Every Thursday night, you can watch its Shower Show – several handsome, sexy male dancers get really wet in a tank embedded in the artistic wall.

Of course, eye candy doesn’t stop there – you can also flirt with the hot bar staff who are also gay men looking for some gay fun here. Everyone is very relaxed because this is Paris!

Its basement has a very laid-back lounge where you can get relatively cheap drinks. What are you waiting for? Just take your date that you’ve met on Findle app to this fantastic gay venue tonight.Gay Bars Paris

Ze Baar

This gay pub belongs to Ze Restoo (a French restaurant). It has 2 floors where gay men with good taste enjoy themselves here.

The ground floor is always open if the weather is good, and the upper level has a lounge and chairs where gay travelers and local gay men can have some gay excitement.


Quetzal is a big gay bar in Paris. Its staff members are very friendly and attractive. It’s open from 5pm to 4am every day. Every weekend, its ambience is busy and cruisy.

Its music is the best in Paris, so you may want to take the hot guy that you’ve flirted with on Findle here and have a real date.

Banana Café

Banana Café is a historic gay venue for gay travelers from all over the world. No matter you are an American gay man or a British gay gentleman, you will love its feel – go-go dancers, cabaret, disco, karaoke, etc.

Although it’s located outside of La Marias, it’s still within walking distance, so everything is so handy. It’s open from 3pm to 6am every day, including weekdays.

By the way, if a gay pub is open on weekdays, usually it attracts more wealthy gay men because working class people can only go out on weekends, whereas rich gay men who can control their own schedules want to go out on weekdays!

Oh, did I mention that the name of this gay bar is very sexy and very gay-friendly?gay in paris

Gay Hotels Paris

L’Empire Paris

Located near the Louvre Museum, this gay hotel is modern and chic. Its rooms are big according to the local standards in Paris. Its Deluxe Rooms are at 35 square meters in size, so it’s pretty good.

Staying at this hotel means sightseeing becomes easy – it’s very close to the gay nightlife in Paris as well.

You might want to book a room with your date from the best gay travel app and spend a few nights here for some gay pleasure.

Hotel Duo Paris

Designed by the best designer in Paris, Hotel Duo Paris is near the best gay cruise clubs in Paris. You can literally walk to the gay district of Le Marais from this location.

Its stylish rooms are very pretty and comfortable. You can also enjoy its free WiFi as well! Don’t forget to bring your laptop. This hotel is the best if you are a freelancer with an Internet business – you can work no matter where you are in the world. That’s the reality of many gay travelers these days.Gay Hotels Paris

Hotel La Mareuil

A Parisian hotel which is gay-friendly and cozy. It is close to the gay scene in Paris. This hotel is also well-known for its high-quality beds and lamps. You will feel completely rested if you stay here.

As a new hotel, its urban, modern design has attracted a large number of gay travelers around the world. It is said that many gay men on the best travel app stayed in this hotel when they were in Paris.

Hotel du Petit Moulin

A designer hotel located in the gay district of Paris. It is close to the most popular gay dance clubs and bars. Also, you can easily walk to fancy restaurants, boutique shops and museums from this hotel.

As a boutique hotel designed by Christian LaCroix, this beautiful hotel has a very stylish décor, thereby becoming a popular choice amongst gay travelers nowadays. Its free WiFi allows gay men to make a living on the Internet if they have online businesses. So, if your job is 100% location independent, you should totally stay in this hotel in Paris.

Gay Massage Paris

Sensation Spa Homme

This massage spa is open from 7am to 10pm every day, including weekdays. Therefore, many rich gay sugar daddies and stylish gay sugar babies go to this gay venue regularly. Indeed, wealthy gay daddies don’t have to go to work anyway and their toy boys receive allowance to spend in this upscale gay massage spa.

Their staff members are able to provide all types of massage for gay men. No matter you are looking for a duo massage or a deep tissue massage, they can do it!

It’s located close to the Eiffel Tower, so you won’t miss it. Also, it has hammam and jacuzzi to help you relax completely.Gay Massage Paris

Gay Saunas Paris

Euro Men’s Club

This 3-level gay sauna is open from 11:30am to 8:30pm every day, including weekends. It’s very popular amongst older gay men, i.e. rich gay sugar daddies in Paris. Therefore, if you are keen to meet a wealthy sugar daddy while traveling, you should go to this gay sauna venue.

This place features steam room, private cabins, video room and lounge. Its location is 10 rue Saint-Marc, Paris.

Sun City

As the biggest gay sauna in Paris, it’s open from 12pm to 6am every day. This venue is for gay men who are looking for pure gay pleasure, so when you enter this gay sauna, you will receive drinks, towels and condoms immediately.

It’s an Indian-themed sauna which has a big indoor swimming pool, steam room, dark room, gym and video room where you can relax and unwind.

IDM Sauna

This gay sauna attracts a young crowd. It has four floors. Its ground floor has a bar, a gym, jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna. Upper floors have video room, play zone and private cabins for some gay pleasure and gay fun.

From Thursday to Sunday, this place is “Naked Only” after 4pm. It’s the ideal time for you to check out hot men.

Le KING Sauna

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, La KING knows what they are doing – it’s open all night & organizes Naked Parties regularly. If you are interested in joining their gay events, you may want to go to the gym and tone your muscles first 😊

Incidentally, if you are under 30 years old, you can get a discount when it comes to entry fee because they love to see more young men joining their sauna now. So, why not use the best gay travel app and meet a partner today so that you can take him to this trendy sauna?


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