New York Gay: Gay Travel Advice in New York City

New York City, the biggest city in the United States, is also the most vibrant city for gay travelers from all over the world.

Looking for some gay fun in the Big Apple? Check out this list below!

Gay Bars New York


Located on East 56th Street, NYC, Lips is a gay-friendly bar which has the best drag shows in New York. Its fine dining and nightly shows are the most exciting things in the gay scene in New York City.

Because its performances change every night, Lips is indeed the most unforgettable gay club in the Big Apple. Just allow the hottest drag queen in America to entertain you.

The best drag show is celebrity impersonators – you will find it extremely memorable. Oh, by the way, you can drink Broadway boozy brunch here with a date that you’ve met on Findle app😊

Pieces Bar

This gay bar is open from 2pm to 4am every day. It mainly features competitions, games, drag queen shows, hot bartenders and gay parties with DJ.

You have to be at least 21 years old in order to enter this gay club. Its gay activities are the best in New York City.Gay Bars New York

Marie’s Crisis

As the most legendary gay bars in North America, Marie’s Crisis is famous for its relaxed ambience – guests can sing along to Broadway show music; there is a live pianist as well.

Music ranges from Mary Poppins to The Lion King – you will find something you absolutely love and enjoy. However, because its space is quite limited, there is always a queue outside this gay venue.


This is the oldest gay pub in New York City. It was founded in the mid-19th century and it became gay-friendly in the 1960s (Think Breakfast at Tiffany’sand you’ll get that vibe).

In order to learn more about NYC’s gay culture and history, Julius’ is the ultimate gay bar that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Nowhere Bar

Located in New York’s East Village, Nowhere Bar has a romantic vibe and its drinks are not expensive at all. You can definitely, positively afford it!

Themed nights happen regularly in this gay pub: go-go dancers, dark room, etc. It is said that Nowhere is a perfect place for socializing, although it’s not the best place for dancing.

Club Cumming

This is a quirky, laid-back gay club in New York City where you can meet the hottest men in America. You can watch amazing shows performed by infamous artists every night here.

It gets busiest around 12am every night, so you may want to come here at midnight to meet the most attractive crowd.

Lucky Cheng’s

As the original home to the drag dinner, Lucky Cheng was established in 1993 and it has become the most important gay nightlife venue in New York.

Have a 3-course meal while the best drag queens perform for you in this gay venue. Incidentally, it is famous for its high heel shoe desert, i.e. a pink chocolate shoe filled with cream and chocolate. Hmmm. Very york gays


Therapy is a gay show bar which has already become the hotspot in New York City that attracts a large number of handsome gay men all over the world.

This gay show pub has special gay events, gay parties, karaoke and themed gay activities regularly. For example, it has a weekly drag show performed by the top drag queens and divas in the United States.

Indeed, relaxation is so underrated in this modern world, so this place gives you the real therapy!

Gay Hotels New York

The James New York – SoHo

Due to its central location, The James New York Hotel is very close to Greenwich Village gay scene in NYC. You can literally walk to gay pubs, clubs and bars in either Greenwich Village or Chelsea.

Everything is handy! Why not meet a cute guy on the best gay travel app and go to New York together?

The Standard High Line

This is the most gay-friendly hotel in New York City. There is a trendy rooftop bar which attracts a very stylish crowd from all over the world.

It’s surrounded by the best restaurants, so if you are interested in fine dining, you should totally stay at this gay hotel.

Free WiFi is available in this hotel and you can easily walk to the most popular gay pubs nearby.Gay Hotels New York

Washington Square Hotel

With its old school charm, you will love its ambience and low price! A lot of well-known writers and artists stayed in this hotel previously, e.g. Bob Dylan and Hemingway. Therefore, many artistic and creative gay travelers want to stay in this hotel, too!

This gay-friendly hotel is best characterized by its great value for money and outstanding location. Its historical significance is also magnificent.

If you would like to meet high-profile gay men (celebrities, movie stars, politicians, entrepreneurs and athletes) and have an arrangement with a wealthy gay sugar daddy, you should totally stay in this gay hotel in New York City.

Gay Saunas New York

East Side Club

As the most popular gay cruising club in NYC(227 E 56th St), East Side Club is a place where you can enjoy sauna with like-minded gay men who are also into movies, relaxation, steam bath, etc.

Private cabins are wonderful here. If you are a member, you can get a discount. Otherwise, you have to pay a higher fee.

West Side ClubGay Massage New York

This gay sauna is at 27 W 20th St, New York. Visit this place to cruise for some cool action. Of course, you can totally watch TV while flirting with other gay men here.

Don’t forget that there is a gym in this gay sauna! You can either pick up a handsome guy in the gym or on the best travel app for gay men.

Gay Massage New York

Yeah Man Spa

Located at 123 Allen St in New York, Yeah Man Spa is definitely for cute men in NYC. If you are a gay traveler, you may want to check it out and relax here.

It opens at 10am in the morning, so you can easily spend a whole day in this relaxing ambience and enjoy life.

Green house men’s spa

Situated at 104 W 14th St, New York, Green House Men’s Spa closes at 2am at night, meaning you can stay here after midnight and enjoy some gay pleasure.

It attracts a wealthy crowd, so perhaps you might even meet a gay sugar daddy in this gay massage venue.

Why Not Men’s Spa

This gay spa attracts a mixed crowed because its pricing is very affordable and reasonable. Before going to this gay massage venue, I highly recommend you to meet a hot gay man via Findle app so that you can have a partner to go there with.

Also, its ambience is cozy and laid-back, so you will absolutely fall in love with this place!


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