Nashville Gay Tips: Travel and Gay Resorts

Nashville has the best music scene in the United States, especially country music! If you are a music fan, keep reading.

Gay tourists find it so awesome to visit Nashville where there are so many amenities available in this beautiful city.

Gay Bars Nashville


Located at 1501 2nd Ave S, Nashville, Trax is a local gay bar for both local gay guys and gay travelersto have fun.

It’s conveniently situated in the center of this city, so everything is handy. You can attend special events with your new friends from the best travel app for gay men. Of course, there are many drag shows in this gay venue.Gay Bars Nashville

The Lipstick Lounge

The name of this venue is very sensual – who can resist the sensuous touch of warm wax on soft lips? Nobody! This place is for gay men and lesbian women to relax and chill. Of course, you can wear your favorite lipstick when you go clubbing here.

Indeed, both lesbian women and gay men always wear sexy lipstick in this gay lounge. Some gay guys prefer lip gloss, which is fine (that’s also Darren Hayes’s favorite option when it comes to looking after his lips).

Having said that, some gay travelers prefer purple, green or black lipstick when they rock up. And that’s okay, too! Personally, I like wearing a Dior Addict lipstick which isn’t cheap, but it’s very comfortable.

As an upscale gay lounge, this bar provides karaoke, live music and their signature cocktails that can’t be found anywhere want in bar

Pecker’s Bar and Grill

Situated in the center of Nashville, this gay pub provides tasty food, signature beer and yummy cocktails that you can’t resist.

Of course, there are karaoke nights, big TVs and live music in this gay venue as well.

Gay Hotels Nashville

Hutton Hotel

As a gay-friendly hotel in Nashville, it’s situated in the West End area of this gorgeous city. Its rooms are modern, clean and sophisticated.

This hotel not only offers free WiFi, but also have very helpful staff members who are ready to help you. You can bring your laptop and work in your hotel room – the desk is quite big.

Also, there is a wonderful bar in this hotel where you can get delicious food and drinks.

Union Station Hotel

With free WiFi, perfect location and helpful staff, Union Station Hotel is very popular amongst gay tourists in Nashville. Its hotel rooms are decorated in beige or peach colors, so it looks very nurturing and warm.

It was built upon a previous railway station; hence its name is Union Station Hotel.Gay Hotels Nashville

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

If you are aware of finer things in life, you should totally stay at this hotel because it offers fine dining and the best bar in town.

Also, you can use free WiFi in this hotel if you are a guest. Better still, it is only 10 minutes’ walk from the center of Nashville City.

Did I mention its wallpaper is absolutely beautiful?

Hilton Nashville Downtown

Situated in the city center, Hilton Nashville Downtown has a rooftop bar where you can have a romantic date with someone you’ve met on Findle app.

This is a gay-friendly hotel in Nashville City.

Gay Massage Nashville

Massage by Paxton Kellan

These therapists offer deep tissue and aromatherapy massage. He charges at least $240 per session. Both in-studio and mobile massage services are available.

Their studio provides gentle music and clean linens for gay men to relax. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy massage. Although anyone can become their client, their ideal clients are gay travelers and local gay guys in Nashville.

Massage by Pavel

Located near the center of this city, this therapist offers in-studio and mobile massage. He is much cheaper – he only charges $140 per session.

This therapist is from Prague, Czech Republic, but his English is phenomenal.Gay Massage Nashville

Massage by Byron

This professional masseur can do a wide variety of massage styles. No matter you are looking for Deep Tissue or Thai massage, he can do it.

This guy has worked for well-known health clubs and is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and professional masseur.

Massage by Kris

If you are looking for an affordable solution, you may consider this massage therapist because he only charges $110 per session.

He specializes in Sports, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage styles. As a friendly and open-minded guy, he offers services to gay, bisexual and straight men who would like to chill and relax in a comfortable environment.

Massage by Guillermo

This guy’s studio offers soft and clean linens as well as high-quality cream or oil. It is a safe and open-minded atmosphere for all gay men in Nashville, including gay travelersfrom the best travel app.

This man charges $140 per session and can do Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massage styles easily.

Massage by Brandon

This masseur prefers gay clients, but he also offers services to all groups. He specializes in Thai, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and sometimes offers a discount (e.g. 10% off).

He charges $140 per session and this service is quite affordable.gays 3 love

Massage by Shawn

Shawn offers the most affordable massage service in Nashville – only $75 per session. You can either enjoy an in-studio massage or a mobile massage service.

He can do Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue massage for his clients. Clients can have a shower before or after the massage.lover gays

Massage by Lucky

This massage therapist focuses on Acupressure, Thai and Bhakti massage & charges $150 per session. His studio is only 4 minutes away from the city center.

This guy understands intuitive touch and has worked with people who suffered from PTSD, shame and stress; therefore, he understands how to treat certain issues effectively.

Massage by Jake

Jake has been working in this industry for 23 years (since 1996). As one of the best masseurs in Nashville, he can do Sports and Deep Tissue massage really well. He charges $115 per session.

By the way, Jake looks a bit like Mike Delfino (played by James Denton) on Desperate Housewives! Very handsome.

Gay Saunas Nashville

I have some sad news for you – there is no gay saunas or gay bathhouse in Nashville. Therefore, I guess this is a career opportunity for investors and businessmen who are interested in opening a gay bathhouse in Nashville, Tennessee! I honestly believe that is a great business opportunity because there are a large number of gay men and gay tourists in Nashville – with its huge music scene, there are more and more gay guys in this vibrant and prosperous city!

Although steamy fun doesn’t exist here, you can still meet some hot gay guys on the best travel app for gays. They won’t disappoint you because you have each other’s back.

That being said, I discovered a gay sauna called Qi Clay Spa in Charlotte/Atlanta which isn’t too far away from Nashville. Another gay sauna is Vapor Spain in Louisville. That means you will need to spend a few hours in the car if you want to experience that. Good luck and enjoy the journey!


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