How to Have Sexy Interactions with Other Gay Men

No matter you are a drag queen looking for other gay men on a gay travel app, chances are you want to know how to have interesting interactions with others. So, let me show you how!

The Power of Mirroring

Technique #1: Mirror his verbal and nonverbal patterns.

Recently I was invited to be the guest expert for some speed-dating events. After observing the interactions, I discovered something interesting: People like those who mirror their verbal and nonverbal patterns.

For example, during a six-minute interaction with a gay man you are interested in when you are doing speed-dating, if he scratches his neck, you can scratch your neck as well.  This increases your attractiveness instantly. If he starts a sentence with “Well, …” and ends a sentence with “…, right?”,you can follow the same verbal pattern and he will feel attracted to you without knowing why.vacantion gay

Leverage His Competition

Technique #2:  Show him his competition and let his intention shine through.

Let’s say you’re going to have a “Happy Hour” this Thursday, and you’ve invited a gay guy that you haven’t quite figured out yet.  This is a perfect time to invite other gay men whom you know fancy you as well.  Sound odd?  Let me explain.

If the gay guy that you like sees that he has competition, he can’t hide his true intention anymore.  This is because men are competitive by nature.  If he likes you, you will know it very soon because he wants to win.  If he still doesn’t show you that he likes you, then at least you know it’s time to move on.

A Warm Smile

Technique #3: Approach him with a genuine and warm smile.

Most gay men would feel extremely flattered if you approach them because most drag queens never proactively approach other gay guys.  When you approach a gay guy, you can show him a genuine and warm smile – a smile that you don’t give to others.  It must be a slow smile; it should start from the eyes, and then your lips, until the smile floods your entire face.

Your smile makes him look at your lips… and the longer his gaze stays there, the stronger his desire to kiss you.

Some drag queens want to look cool, so they don’t smile often.  In order to attract other gay men’s attention, they apply lip gloss in front of men (they believe this will make men look at their lips and therefore want to kiss them). Unfortunately, men are not interested in kissing wax (yes, many men secretly think drag queens put wax on their faces).

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In His Touch

Technique #4: Touch him “accidentally” and make him want to touch you.

When you see a bit of fluff on his shirt, you can remove it.  This is a perfect excuse to touch him.

When you are at a party with him and the music is loud, you can whisper something in his ear and let your lips touch his ear “accidentally”. Also, when you pull him close in order to talk to him at a noisy party, he may feel that you are going to kiss his cheek.

Also, making him want to touch you is just as important as getting him to actually touch you.  There is a very easy way to achieve this effect:

A drag queen looking to attract other gay guys can wear a silk blouse (this looks very feminine).  When you are with him, you can simply “absent-mindedly” undo one or two buttons on your blouse (preferably the area near your neck).  Then you just gently touch your neck with your fingers.  He will find you irresistible.

Technique #5: Leave the party when the chemistry reaches its peak.

This is not about playing hard-to-get; actually, it’s about leaving the best impression on him.

When you have him warmed up enough and longing for more, you know it’s time to leave the party or end the date.  Men are hunters by nature, so they always chase drag queens that they want but haven’t won yet.

Technique #6: Gently flirt with other gay men to make your gay partner proud.

If you are going to a party with a gay guy who has a secure and strong bond with you, it’s okay to lightly flirt with other men.  Here is why:

Your gay partner secretly likes the attention that other gay men give you, because this makes him feel proud that you are his. Like I mentioned earlier, men are very competitive and like to win.  Therefore, this scenario heightens his gay pride because he feels that he has won already.  Just make sure not to overdo it because flirting with other men too much can 2 gay

Technique #7: Enlarge your pupils by thinking loving thoughts.

Did you know that many drag queens wear colored contact lenses?  In fact, many colored contact lenses enlarge your pupils instantly, and it is well established that large pupils are more sensuous than small pupils, especiallyin drag queens.  However, if you are not a fan of those, there is another very simple way to enlarge your pupils now.

When you are talking to your gay partner, look at the sexiest features on his face and think loving thoughts in your mind.  Your pupils will slowly enlarge, he will see the love light up your eyes, and hence he will gaze into your eyes. Don’t look away when this happens; just stare into each other’s eyes for a while – this will increase the attraction quickly.

Technique #8: Don’t be too punctual.

If you are going to see him tonight, being too punctual makes you look too keen.  You would be well-advised to be late for a date – about 10 minutes late – and text him to let him know.  But don’t be too late.

Technique #9: Use drinking to ease your nerves and increase seductiveness.

Drinking is the most socially acceptable way to quickly enhance your seductive activities because it allows both of you to steady your nerves, lower your guards and forget your inhibitions; therefore, if you want to get to know him more intimately, drinking a little wine with him will surely help.

Technique #10: Dare to disagree with him.

If you only build a rapport with a gay guy, he will lose interest quickly because you will become boring.  That’s why having an opinion is sexy. It shows him that you have your own mind and it displays your passion as well. Disagree with him occasionally and see how much more he is attracted to gays

Technique #11: Ask open and leading questions to get to know him more.

Open-ended questions require further explanations rather than a simple “yes” or “no”.  For instance, “I’m conducting a survey on the most common fantasies, so I’m curious… what’s yours?” If you ask a gay man this question, I can almost guarantee that you will get an intriguing response.

Technique #12: The contrast principle.

This technique is widely used in seduction as well as in marketing and sales.  It works amazingly well, and it is undetectable. In order to help you understand why this technique works, I’m going to introduce a typical example in marketing and sales first:

You walk into a clothing shop.  The salesgirl shows you a $400 dress. You can see it’s a very beautiful dress, but in your mind, you’re saying “This is way too expensive.”  Then the salesgirl shows you a $70 skirt.  You purchase the skirt because it’s affordable and it looks good enough.

In this scenario, the salesgirl uses the “contrast principle” effectively, as you purchased the skirt because you could see it was much cheaper thanthe dress by comparison, even though the same skirt might be only $50 in another shop.

Now I’m sure you can understand why the “contrast principle” works. It’s pragmatic psychology, and it is very powerful in seduction as well.

To use this principle, get a gay man to meet a group of woman or unattractive men before seeing you.  He will find you more attractive.

Avoid competition if you can.  For example, if he watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which features the hottest drag queens just before seeing you, you will be less alluring in his eyes.get a gay man

Technique #13: Do something scary together.

Scientists have found that increasing a gay man’s heart rate and then putting him close to a pretty drag queen can artificially ignite a flame of attraction. This is because when we’re attracted to someone, we have similar physiological symptoms to those of fear – racing heart, sweaty palms, and so on.

Therefore, if you do something scary together, your gay partner will be more attracted to you.  For instance, you two can watch a horror movie together.  First of all, the horror movie will increase his heart rate, thereby increasing his attraction to you.  Second, it will boost your appeal immediately because protecting you makes you more alluring in his eyes – and he wants to feel like an alpha man.

Actually, any type of physiological arousal can make a person fall in love.  Even if you don’t watch a horror movie, you can watch a comedy together. After laughing with him for two hours, he will also like you more.

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