How to Find Rich Gay Men Offline and Online

In order to date rich gay guys, you have to know where they are & you should be there, too! Let me show you where they are first. How to meet real rich gay? Findle will help you.

Upscale Conferences

If you are a business owner, or self-employed, or you are building a business on the side while doing your day job, you may want to go to some conferences about entrepreneurship.  You will be able to meet like-minded, ambitious and wealthy gay men at these conferences.  They usually have parties before or after the conference, so top 10 men will be in social mode with you.  By attending these conferences, you are growing your own business, networking with new contacts and meeting high-quality men at the same time.  In other words, you are killing three birds with one stone.

If you are not a business owner, you can go to professional conferences in your industry.  Better and bigger conferences usually have more qualified men for you to choose.wealthy-man

If your industry has many more women/straight men than gay men, then you can go to educational conferences to learn something else.  You will also meet high-quality men who value knowledge and learning& some of them are gay.

The best news is your expense of the conference is 100% tax-deductible.  If travel is involved, flights, hotel accommodation fees and the cost of meals are also 100% tax-deductible.  At least that’s the current tax law in Australia.  If you live in other western countries, the tax law shouldn’t be too different.  You can consult with your accountant, but I’m pretty sure you will definitely pay less tax if you go to conferences which help you improve the work you do.  I do this very often.  Sometimes I go to other cities in Australia.  Sometimes I go overseas to attend international conferences.

I always book first-class flights because the quality of rich gay men that I can meet in the airport’s first-class lounge and on the plane is much higher.  And the cost of flights is also 100% tax-deductible.  I have met some very powerful men in this way, and they offered great value in terms of my career as well.  That means by spending money on first-class flights, I paid less tax, increased my income and enjoyed the best things that travel can offer, including skybeds.  Some airlines provide skybeds and pajamas for first-class and business-class flyers, so if you try that, there will probably be a wealthy gay man sleeping next to your skybed.  If you two spend 14 hours like that on an international flight, it wouldn’t be too hard to build gay men

Other Events

Other events where there are a large number of high-quality men include the following recommendations:

    • Book signings: Go to a book signing and make sure the author has a strong male following. This is particularly effective if you genuinely like the author.  You’ll meet many intelligent men who are interested in reading.
    • Bars and pubs near upscale office buildings: Go to a bar near an upscale office building before 5pm on Friday.  You will meet many men who are having drinks.  A strategy is to go to a bar where the ambience is relatively quiet at 4:30pm, so you can do some work on your computer while wearing headphones.  Usually after 5pm on Friday, a group of men will come to the bar and have a happy hour.  You just keep working on your laptop after they have started their happy hour.  Some men will wonder, “Who is that guy working hard at this time here?”  30 minutes later, you remove your headphones and naturally join them because everybody is in social mode now.
    • Philanthropy events: You will meet rich and powerful men here. If you don’t have money to donate, you can volunteer at these events.
    • Auctions: If you are interested in buying antique paintings and you can afford them, go to auctions where you can meet wealthy gay men with great taste.
    • Sports games: If you are interested in sports, you’ll meet many rich gay guys while watching sports

Dating apps/sites

Please allow me to introduce a brutal analogy first.  If you are an employee, you have a job and work in a system.  If you are a self-employed freelancer, you own a job and you are the system.  In these two situations, you have to work in order to make money.  You are trading hours for dollars.  In contrast, if you run a bigger company, you have set up a system to make money for you because your employees are doing all the hard work while you are making a profit.  That’s called passive income.  Similarly, if you are an investor, your money is working for you.  You are making money when you are asleep.

All other activities about how to meet wealthy gay guys are like owning a job and working for money, because you have to put in the work, you have to proactively go somewhere and do something in order to meet men.  However, online dating is like having passive income because men will proactively contact you online, and everyone knows why everybody is on a dating website, which means nobody needs to guess anymore.  Indeed, online dating makes meeting men effortless.

Ten years ago, people would feel embarrassed if others knew they were using an online dating site.  But in today’s day and age, online dating is extremely common.  Some successful men don’t have time to go to parties, so they choose to be on dating gays travel

As a result, you would benefit from joining a gay travel app.  Make sure your profile is well-written and your photos are beautiful.  According to a recent study, gay guys who wear red in their photos are more likely to be contacted by rich gay men online.  Demonstrate your values in your profile so that men who share the same values with you will contact you.  For instance, your username can be “BlueEyedDancer” and your profile is “I prefer reading books to watching TV in my spare time.  I work very hard because I believe that opportunities come to those who are prepared.”  This is ten times better than a profile which says “I’m an artistic, energetic, intelligent, optimistic and hardworking guy with blue eyes.”  To be honest, no one can remember a profile like that.  Well, most profiles on gay travel apps are boring, so yours will stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion, always remember the “location, location, location” principle.  Just find out where wealthy gay men are, and you should be there as well!date rich gay guys

A bonus tip:If you live in an area where there aren’t many high-quality men, you may consider moving to another place where there are many high-value men.  I had a client who moved to the most expensive apartment building in a big city.  People who live in this building are CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc.  He was only renting a very small room in an apartment.  But he met his current husband in the lift of the building (perhaps it’s called “elevator” in the United States).  In the elevator, he asked this rich gay man which restaurant in the neighborhood is a good place for dinner, and that wealthy gay guy invited him for dinner that night.  A few months later, they were engaged.

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