How to become a gay tourist with great taste (and smell good all the time)

You can easily find gay fashion advice on the Internet, so I’m not going to give extra fashion advice in this blog post today. I’d like to talk about how to use essential oils correctly so that you will become a cool gay tourist with great taste because you smell good all the time!

The best essential oil

You may wonder which essential oil is the best for gay travelers. I have some good news for you: When you use your intuition to choose an essential oil, what you select is always the best for you because your body knows what’s needed.

Essential oil is not some woo-woo stuff. In fact, modern science has proven that essential oil is able to improve our health and wellbeing tremendously – it’s called gay dating app

Personally, I like tea tree essential oil at the moment because my skin is itchy these days and I need to use tea tree essential oil to cure my skin issues. It is reported that tea tree essential oil can treat acne very effectively because this essential oil kills bacteria very fast.

Also, tea tree essential oil isn’t too girly, so it’s perfectly acceptable for men to use every day. I literally use tea tree essential oil every single day – I add a few drops to my cleanser and my shower gel every night. And it works like a miracle. Better still, it helps me to sleep really well, so I’m very grateful to my fellow gay traveler Andrew P.who recommended tea tree essential oil to me a few years ago.

The love potion

No, you can’t drink essential oil. I must clarify that first. Yet you can use essential oil as a kind of love potion: although you can’t drink it, you can still use it correctly and attract love quickly. Please let me explain.

The ideal essential oil is sandalwood essential oil when it comes to looking for love. According to a major study conducted in New Zealand in 2018, 71% of gay men feel more turned on when their partners are using sandalwood essential oil at night. Therefore, if you are keen to turn on another gay tourist when you are traveling the world, you should totally buy a bottle of sandalwood essential oil and use it on your skin or add a few drops to your shampoo while washing your hair in the morning / at fashion advice

The keyword for sandalwood essential oil is contemplation, according to Tammy Liu, a Taiwanese author and psychologist. When you feel anxious, you can use sandalwood essential oil to comfort your heart and soul. You will maintain calm inside with this scent.

In life, sometimes we need to be calm, peaceful and quiet in order to figure out certain things. We oftentimes get caught up in logical reasoning and forget to listen to our inner voice peacefully. Every day we are busy doing things that we have to do, although these things don’t necessarily bring us joy and fulfilment. At times, we really need to change our mood. When we can truly love what we do, we will have more power to become enlightened.

You will find your true self through sandalwood essential oil.

Please note that sandalwood essential oil can also be used to better your skin. Many gay tourists have told me that sandalwood essential oil can moisturize skin so that the skin becomes soft and smooth. A makeup artist even told me that sandalwood essential oil can prevent wrinkles from appearing. Also, if you have oily skin, you may try sandalwood essential oil as well because it can treat acne really fast by killing bacteria immediately.

Another love potion is ylang-ylang essential oil. The keyword for this essential oil is peace. Its luxurious scent gives life fulfilment and joy. This essential oil brings gay travelers peace, tranquility, friendships and love. It’s an effective tool which erases anxiety and anger – it makes us feel safe and tips gay

Ylang-ylang essential oil can nurture our mood, feelings and emotions in a warm and gentle way. With its feminine and soft fragrance, this essential oil can improve your mood and relax your body completely. It can balance the left brain and the right brain, i.e. the analytical brain and the creative brain. As a result, it can liberate us from a fixed mindset or an analytical mode, thereby stimulating the strong power inside.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is sexy and sensual at the same time. It can surely improve our health and wellbeing. For example, many gay tourists that I know have used this essential oil to treat depression, anger or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Indeed, it is said that people from the LGBTQIA communities are more likely to suffer from mental health issues because a lot of us wanted to fit in and had homophobia while our DNA has other plans.

No matter you have dry skin or oily skin, you can use ylang-ylang essential oil on your skin every day because it can regulate your skin and achieve the ideal balance.

In Indonesia, people have this custom: On a couple’s wedding night, family and friends prepare a lot of ylang-ylang flowers on their bed so that the scent of ylang-ylang can be their love potion. Now we know it actually works😉

Apart from that, you can use ylang-ylang essential oil as a conditioner for your hair. But please note that this essential oil has a very strong scent, so if you use too much, you might feel sick or have a headache. Therefore, you can only use a little bit of it when it’s necessary.

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The ultimate relaxation

You probably know that lavender essential oil is perfect when it comes to relaxation. Its keyword is nurturing because it can nurture your heart in a very positive way.

According to a gay traveler who is a beauty therapist, lavender essential oil can help people deal with any crisis because it’s the most soothing essential oil in the world. This essential oil can release your negative emotions and unlock your power within.

Through nurturing yourself, you can free yourself from factors that stop you from moving on. You can re launch your life. If you are depressed, angry or anxious, you might feel that you are literally stuck. Then lavender essential oil is a great tool which gives you a safe and free space. At some stages in life, we must evaluate the pain we feel inside (not only physically, but also mentally). If it’s necessary, you can find your strength again and rebrand yourself.

The calming and soothing qualities of lavender essential oil provides gay tourists with a paradise where we can get what we need.

Because it’s an anti-stress and calming essential oil, lavender essential oil removes anxiety, depression and sadness effectively. When you are able to sleep well after using this essential oil, you will feel better instantly.

Quote: “Use a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before going to sleep at night. This essential oil will work like your mother’ sgentle, loving hands and make you feel like a baby again – sleeping like a baby is a true bliss!”

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