How a Drag Queen Enhances His Appeal and Attracts Gay Tourists

In this article, I’d like to discuss how to have sexy looks so that any drag queen who is reading this blog will get a lot out of it. Therefore, if you are a drag queen or you want to become a drag queen and attract gay tourists, you should probably take some notes right now.

The pre-orgasmic look

First of all, I’d like to deconstruct Marilyn Monroe’s sexiness.  Marilyn Monroe has been considered the most popular and enduring s*x symbol in history. And Marilyn Monroe is many drag queen’s favorite role model, as evidenced by the fact that so many drag queens, crossdressers and other gay men want to look like her.

In fact, it’s not about her looks; it’s about the way she looked at the camera.  The technique that Marilyn Monroe used is called “pre-orgasmic look”.

This is how she did it: She raised her eyebrows, lowered her eyelids, slightly parted her lips and displayed her vulnerable neck.

Actually, this is a woman’s look right before having an orgasm.

That’s why Marilyn Monroe made men’s hearts melt.

Ironically, Marilyn Monroe confessed that although she had many lovers, she never had an orgasm.  No wonder her body and face were yearning for that.queen or gay guycan

Now you can see Marilyn Monroe had more perceived beauty than objective beauty!

To be honest, any drag queen or gay guy can use this technique to his advantage.  Yes, any gay man can learn this kind of technique.

Apart from that, Marilyn Monroe was always wearing white clothes, because white clothes could accentuate her blonde hair and red lips.  Thatmeans she mastered the use of perceived beauty.  Yes, her beauty is a perception!

If Marilyn Monroe didn’t manipulate her strengths and skills, she was just another chubby woman who might not be considered a s*x symbol, because according to the beauty standards at that time, Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a slim woman.

To understand this concept better, you can check out an interesting YouTube video (simply search “Jade Seashell” on YouTube and you will find that exciting YouTube channel). Although that YouTube channel has a lot of straight audiences, many gay travelers and drag queens also find it very valuable.

Your Sexy Neck

A drag queen who is looking to attract gay tourists should wear a necklace to highlight his swan-like neck and sexy collarbones.

Just now, I mentioned that Marilyn Monroe’s vulnerable neck gave her more perceived beauty.  Now I’d like to talk about the power of your swan-like neck.

If you have a swan-like neck, make sure your necklace is thin, as a thin necklace accentuates the beauty and femininity of your neck.

If you don’t have a swan-like neck, don’t worry – you can wear a thick necklace, which actually makes your neck look more feminine and pretty because the focus is on the exquisite necklace and people associate the beauty of the necklace with your neck.

When you are wearing an eye-catching necklace, other gay men would feel grateful because now, they have a genuine excuse to look at your neck, your sexy collarbones and … your breasts.looking to attract gay

Under the Dress

Wear silk or satin dress or blouse; cut a part of your bra to display your nipples under the dress or blouse.

I know this technique sounds bizarre, but let me explain first.

Do you remember Madonna’s most iconic looks?  Yes, Madonna is hot because of her iconic looks – she wore cone bras on different occasions.

Apparently, you are not going to wear cone bras or bullet bras all the time, and I’m not saying you should wear a cone bra or a bullet bra.  However, when the time is right, you should try this technique – cut a part of your bra so that your “nipples” could be displayed under your silk or satin blouse ordress.  In this way, your breasts are still supported by your bra, so your breasts still look amazing.  Meanwhile, your most powerful seduction weapon – your “nipples” – will possibly make other gay guys who are attracted to drag queens go weak at the knees.

Human beings are the only animal for whom breasts are a secondary female sex characteristic.  According to scientific research, women are the only female mammals whose breasts remain big, even when we are not nursing, and men are the only male mammals that are fascinated by breasts.  This is because by stimulating breasts during s*x, a woman’s brain releases oxytocin which relaxes the woman’s body and eases her mind so that she can be ready to enjoy s*x.

Of course, I understand that you are not really a woman (you are a drag queen looking to meet gay tourists), but this idea may give you some inspiration.drag queen looking to meet gay tourists

The Coy Look

I’d like you to find some photos of Princess Diana on Google Image.

Now I’m going to explain why Princess Diana is attractive.

This is what Princess Diana did in almost every photo: Her head turned slightly with her ear to the shoulder and she kept her chin down while looking up.

This technique is called “the coy look” – it makes an individual look vulnerable, child-like and needing care from alpha gay men.

If you think you are still an amateur, there is a very powerful way to help you: When you are trying “the coy look” technique, smile slightly and think about something loving, gentle and sexy in your mind.  Then your face will look softer; meanwhile, your eyes will appear bigger.

date with a gay tourist
Heels and Stockings

In order to attract gay tourists, a drag queen would be well-advised to wear high heels and stockings.

This sounds obvious, but after learning why you should do this, it will make you do it even better from now on.

In Jade Seashell’s book “A Seductress’ Confession”, she already mentioned that women should wear things that can’t exist on men.  Indeed, stockings, high heels, etc. – men don’t have these, so they are helpless to resisting their power. Although the target audience of that book is women, this principle also applies to drag queens looking for gay tourists.

Now I’m going to go deeper: When you are wearing high heels, your heels tilt your body to a degree, which makes the muscles in your legs tighten and your breasts push forward.

High heels also ensure a drag queen can’t walk very easily.  Psychologically, a gay man wants to take you in his arms when he sees such an irresistible sight. As a result, high heels build sexual tension.

Remember: Showcase one asset at a time.

Don’t wear a necklace, a special bra, high heels & stockings at the same time, because you don’t want to lose the focus.  Therefore, when you are on a date with a gay tourist, only choose one asset to have fun with.

Please note: too many focuses = no focus at all.

In terms of how to display sexy behavior, I also have some tips to share with you.

Technique #1: When food leaves juice around your lips, lick your lips instead of wiping it away.

A drag queen’s mouth is the most sensual part of his face.  That’s one reason why many drag queens subconsciously choose lipstick as their most important makeup. When you are applying lipstick, you feel sensual pleasure, too.  Yes, your lips are very sensually powerful.

Technique #2: Wear a signature fragrance.

A scent is an underrated tool that every sexy drag queen and gay man should use. Smelling amazing attracts everybody around you.  But don’t change your fragrance all the time.  Instead, wear a signature fragrance, so that when you leave, people still can’t forget how irresistible you are.  When they smell the same fragrance at some point in the future, they will think of you immediately, because the nose has a memory as well.

If you are going to be away for a few days, spray your signature fragrance on your pillow, so that your gay partner can only think about you every night!

The four scents commonly used by luscious drag queens and hot gay tourist sinclude floral, musk, vanilla and cinnamon.  I have interviewed more than 50 people on the best gay travel app – these are the most unforgettable scents from their point of view.

Maybe you have heard about pheromones before.  Basically, it means scent molecules emitted by human beings – they are believed to attract others.  If you’d like to emit more attractive pheromones, using an amazing signature fragrance is something you can do now.

For example, you can spray your signature fragrance behind your ears or behind your knees.  These are the best places where you emit your perfect pheromones.attract gay tourists

Technique #3: Speak with a sexy accent if you can.

As a matter of fact, everyone has a unique accent.  I’m not saying you should totally speak with a strong accent that nobody understands.  What I’m saying is if you have a sexy accent, people pay attention to you.

Think about Penélope Cruz – her Spanish accent is just such a turnon.  Another good example is Sofía Vergara – her accent amplifies her fun spirit and playfulness. Oh, drag queens love imitating these two babes!

If you believe that you have no accent at all, that’s okay.  You can choose a female celebrity that you like and imitate the way she talks (including her facial expression).  Practice this every day for three weeks and see what happens.

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