Gay Travelers: How to maximize pleasure and minimize stress

Gay travel is best characterized by adventures, excitement and fun. Meanwhile, a sophisticated and consummate gay traveler knows how to maximize pleasure and minimize stress along the way…. Search travel guide

Pleasure: more 

In English-speaking countries, whenever I say “pleasure”, people automatically think “s*x”. Yet I want to say, “Think again.”

Indeed, there are so many other things that bring pleasure, so pleasure shouldn’t be limited to intimacy in the bedroom.

In fact, I can find pleasure in various activities, e.g. s*x, movies, music, parties, travel, …. (it’s limitless).new gay traveler

Of course, we shouldn’t ignore the most important pleasure: intimacy with another gay traveler! So, the first step before you start this romantic journey is to download the best gay travel app and begin to meet like-minded individuals online.

Do you know that you can verify someone’s identity on the Internet? It’s very easy to do. You can go to Video Validate and request a video verification.

Here is how it works:

You send a Video Validate request via and the person that you’ve met on the best gay travel app will receive a message which asks him to create an introduction video.

The video will be date and time stamped. Also, you will see which city and state this person is in when you receive his video.

He can create many videos and choose one video that he likes & send it to you.Gay travel is best

That means if he tells you he is a celebrity from Los Angeles but you can see his VV video says he is actually in Phoenix, Arizona, you know he is pretending to be someone else.

And if he refuses to send you a VV video, you already have the answer – that’s catfishing.

The good news is Video Validate is a completely free service which can help you minimize your stress while meeting other gay travelers online in a safe way.

When you know you are safe on Findle app, you can maximize your pleasure easily!

In terms of other activities that bring you pleasure, I have some suggestions as well:

  • Drink kombucha in a wine glass when you invite your date to your place.
  • Read an erotic novel on a Sunday morning.
  • Eat warm soup at night in the wintertime.
  • Dance to the music at home.
  • Go to the flea market when you arrive in an exotic city.
  • Share good feelings

When you share positive feelings with other gay travelers, you get more positive feelings! That’s why it’s necessary to travel with like-minded gay men.

After you’ve met someone via the best gay travel app, you two can design a travel plan together. For instance, perhaps you want to go to Europe and spend two months there for the summer – It’s time to create a plan so that you can start somewhere now.

Apart from meeting other gay tourists on Findle app, you can also meet gay men on – this website is useful when you are looking for local gay guys in a new city.

For example, as an experience gay tourist, I have hooked up with a large number of local gay men in London, Paris and Barcelona – I love European men!experience gay tourist

I met some of them via Findle gay travel app; I met some of them via – overall, the Internet is the best place to meet like-minded individuals in record time.

Even if you decide to travel alone, you may want to spend some time with local gay guys occasionally. A case in point is my best friend Ben who loves traveling alone. He spent 2 months in Europe last year and hooked up with 1 local gay guy each week. That means he spent 70% of his time in Europe alone and shared good feelings with other gay men 30% of the time.

Modern science has proved that Law of Attraction is real – it’s not about wishful thinking; it’s about enjoying good feelings before good things happen. Both Abraham-Hicks and Gala Darling agree with that.

When you are always willing to share good feelings with other gay travelers, you will attract positive things into your life. My best friend Ben has printed his amazing travel photos and put them on his wall at home. Whenever he needs to feel inspired, calm and happy, he just looks at those photos on the wall.

Those photos have become Ben’s emotional buttons. They remind him of his romantic encounters, exciting trips and good feelings immediately.

At the same time, Ben proactively shares positive feelings and activities with other gay tourists because when he cooperates with the universe, the universe wants to work with him!

Now Ben has a thriving business, a handsome gay partner and more trips to enjoy with his boyfriend.

Boundaries in relationships

Even though you are dating a wonderful gay man, you still need to set up boundaries in your relationship. Let me explain.

Most stress caused by issues with interpersonal relationships actually come from lack of boundaries. Here are some examples.

  • You are a seasoned gay traveler and you would like to keep exploring the world; however, your partner prefers staying at home in his spare time. If nobody can strike a balance, someone will feel resentful.
  • You are a rich gay traveler who wants to spend more time in wealthy countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom where things are expensive. Yet your partner wants to live a frugal lifestyle. In this case, if financial boundaries are not clarified, there will be problems in this relationship.
  • You are a playful gay traveler who would like to date multiple gay men, whereas your partner doesn’t want an open relationship. If this kind of things are not communicated clearly, boundaries don’t exist.

So, now you’ve got the gist: You have to set up the right boundaries when it’s necessary. But how can you tell when a boundary is required?

First of all, if your body feels contraction rather than expansion, that means you have to set up a boundary now. Remember: your body never lies – if something feels off; it’s off. Trust your body’s wisdom and sharpen your multiple gay men

Second, when you feel irritated or confused, you need to set up a boundary. You don’t need further evidence because your intuition is always right. (When we were young, we had better intuition. Now as adults, many of us have talked ourselves out of it.)

Third, look at your non-negotiables. If you don’t want to combine personal finances with your partner, just tell him in the first place. If you don’t want to share a bed with your partner due to sleep quality, politely let him know (you can have sexy time when you are awake, but you prefer sleeping in separate beds).

Boundaries with yourself

If you are a new gay traveler, you may even need to set up boundaries with yourself, e.g. say no to junk food while traveling the world, only spend 30 minutes on social media per day, etc.

Remember: All of these will maximize your pleasure and minimize your stress!

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