Gay Travel Tips: Looking after yourself while traveling the world

Travel is an exciting and stimulating experience. Meanwhile, you may get tired in the process, and that’s absolutely normal. In order to help you in this regard, I’ve listed a range of gay travel tips for you below.

Use skin-care products

Personally, my Money Dial is skin-care products because I highly value good skin.

Now you are wondering, “What the hell is Money Dial?”

Let me explain – Money Dial refers to the areas that you are happy to spend money on because they are important to you.

For example, I think good skin is very important to me, so I buy high-quality skin-care products (some of them are expensive). Meanwhile, I don’t care whether my clothes and accessories are the best or not, so I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories.

Another example is my friend Sam who is a gay traveler. His Money Dial is health and fitness, so he spends more money on high-quality food. At the same time, he doesn’t spend much money on other things that don’t excite gay traveler

Now you’ve got the main idea: You would be well-advised to spend money on your Money Dial and minimize your expense on things you don’t care. This is a great way to live a happy, satisfying and rewarding life that is full of joy and fun.

I know many gay travelers want to look after their skin; therefore, I’d like to recommend what gay tourists should use while traveling the world. Even if skin-care products aren’t your Money Dial, you will still benefit from using the right products for your skin which is the biggest organ of your body.

First of all, you need to have a good cleanser to purify your skin every day and every night. My favorite cleanser is Clarins orange cleanser with scrub in it. It makes my face extremely clean and I can use it daily. It is reported that this cleanser is gay travelers’ favorite, according to a survey on Findle, the best gay travel app.

Secondly, you need a toner to nourish your skin. I like Clinique toner No. 4 because I have very oily skin. You can choose Clinique toner No. 1 if you have very dry gay travel app

Thirdly, you need a moisturizer to nurture your skin. My preference is Lancôme lifting cream because I’m not very young anymore 😊 Having said that, if you are quite young (still in your 20s), you may use other products that suit you.

Last but not least, you should wear sunscreen every day in order to further protect your skin because the sunlight is the major reason for aging. It is said that a good sunscreen should have both SPF and PA+ in it because SPF makes your skin stay young & PA+ makes your skin stay the same color if you don’t want to get a tan.

Wear some makeup

Actually, it’s very common for gay travelers to wear makeup. I know Darren Hayes wears lip gloss often because he is a very sexy gay man. Oh boy, isn’t he hot?

When you are taking photos of yourself, you should totally wear some makeup because makeup can make your face look better instantly. Why not take advantage of this wonderful tool?

First, you may want to invest in a good foundation. Note that a good foundation can be a sunscreen (it has SPF and PA+ in it). The good news is if your foundation has sunscreen it, it is probably tax-deductible. Let me explain!many gay travelers

According to Melissa Browne (author of More Money for Shoes), if your work involves going out at times, sun protection is definitely tax-deductible. For instance, let’s say you have to go out every day to meet with clients, your sunscreen and your sunglasses are certainly tax-deductible.

Better still, you can use the same sunscreen/foundation and your sunglasses when you are traveling because they are not throw-away products!

In the second place, you should fix your eye brows. Maybelline New York has some good pencils for eye brows – just choose the right color for yourself.

Next, you can wear eyeliner and mascara if you want. This will transform you into a hot, attractive and sexy gay traveler immediately because your eyes are the windows of your soul.

If you are bold, you can even wear eye shadow that suits you.

Lastly, you may wear lipstick or lip gloss. Note that if the lip product has sunscreen in it, it’s also tax-deductible as long as your work involves going out during the day time. And you can use the same lip product when you are travelling the world.

Then you will look very handsome and alluring in photos!

Magnesium oil spray

I personally use topical magnesium oil spray every night before going to bed. This is especially helpful when I’m traveling because jet lag can be cured by magnesium.

Also, I always keep a magnesium gel roll-on in my bag so that I can add more magnesium to my skin whenever I need it. This is many gay travelers’ favorite product these vacation

Please note that this isn’t an ad for any products; it’s just what works for me and many gay travelers all over the world. So, you may benefit from this information.

Nutrition and health coach Shawn Stevenson once said, “Using topical magnesium is better for our health because eating magnesium powder with a smoothie wastes the majority of the product – your body can’t absorb magnesium in that way effectively.”

What’s more, topical magnesium products don’t have side effects, so gay travelers can relax and use them every single day.

Healthy work-life balance

Nowadays many gay tourists are also freelancers who have online businesses because this is the 21st century. This is understandable, but we all must look after our health and well-being before looking after our businesses.

In the book Do Less, the author says her motto is “Body first; business second”. And I love it so much! In this day and age, most people are hustling all the time, so it’s really easy to forget why we are working so tourists

Thus, I encourage all gay travelers with online businesses to take care of their health first before taking care of their businesses.

The easiest way to strike a work-life balance is to establish systems, structures and routines. I know it’s hard to have routines when you are traveling, but it can be done.

For example, your routine can be eating vegetables every day, working out every day and sleeping for at least seven hours every night.

This can be done no matter where you are. You can go to a restaurant and order vegetables. You can dance in a hotel room. You can sleep in because it’s a gay vacation!


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