Gay Travel Guide: How to make money while traveling the world

A very common question that gay travelers ask me is, “How do you make a living while traveling the world?” That is a very good question, so I’ve decided to share what I know with all of you now.

A freelance business

This is the easiest way to get started online. Twenty years ago, the Internet wasn’t all about making money online. But today everyone is talking about “making money online”.


Frankly, most websites never reach the point where the site owner can make money online. This isn’t the most encouraging thing to say, but I would like to be honest with gay travelers.

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Therefore, a more realistic way to make money with the help of the Internet is to build a freelance business such as freelance translation or writing – these jobs are 100% location-independent.


I know a lot of gay travelers who have freelance businesses on the Internet. Most of them are freelance translators and writers.


Yet I am aware of the fact that not everyone can do translation or writing. Personally, I can write reasonably well, and I don’t take my skill for granted. I know I’m a lucky gay guy.


As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be extremely good at writing in order to become a writer. I have read many books that aren’t very well-written, but it doesn’t mean those books aren’t successful.


Robert Kiyosaki once said, “I wasn’t good at English when I was in high school, and my English teacher told me I was a loser. But now I’m a New York Times best-selling author. Remember: it’s a best-selling book, not a best-writing book.”


I think Robert Kiyosaki is absolutely right. Your marketing skills should be at least as good as your writing skills, if you want to be a successful writer. In fact, I think your marketing skills are even more important than your writing skills in this day and age.


Robert Greene famously said, “I acknowledge the fact that contemporary books aren’t as well-written as classic books in the past.” And Roosh V agrees with him: “I like reading old books; I can’t stand most modern books these days – when I read a new book, I throw it away after reading a few pages nowadays because it’s terrible.”

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When I ask a professional writer which book that he has read recently is an outstanding masterpiece, this well-known writer (who happens to be a high-profile gay traveler as well) literally said, “Over the previous 12 months, I’ve tried to read many books, but I can’t even finish one of them because they are badly-written.”


Clearly, the modern-day society is more about marketing & less about good writing. Sad but true.


Of course, there are many different types of freelance businesses, e.g. graphic design, website design, etc. – All of these are location-independent, so many gay travelers are running these businesses right now.

An online company

An online company is different from a freelance business. As a freelancer, you are self-employed, which means you only make money when you are actually working – you are still trading hours for dollars by creating a job for yourself.


However, when you have an online company, oftentimes you’ve built a traditional business which has employees and managers to automate the business – but it takes places on the Internet these days.


This is exactly why many wealthy gay travelers run multiple companies at the same time. To be more exact, these gay tourists are the investors of these businesses, meaning their employees are doing the hard work for them – they leverage their employees to make money.

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An online company is a digital system, i.e. you hire remote workers, virtual assistants, etc. to work for you. You manage these people and check in with them regularly. You can live wherever you want and travel the world.


Some companies only have remote teams like that, and it’s perfectly fine. Actually, the most successful companies in the gay travel industry are all completely online.


Surely, if you want to build an online company, it’s not going to be easy. You have to work really hard at the beginning and make the system actually work. That’s why it’s always easier to start as a freelancer and then consider building a real company on the Internet later.

Be an investor

Poor people work for money; rich people have money work for them. That’s how the rich get richer and richer: they invest their money and make more money.


If you are willing to take a risk, you may want to invest in real estate and/or the stock market. Personally, I think Robert Kiyosaki is a bit obsolete because he prefers real estate (he also said he is obsolete in one of his books).


Wealth coaches such as RamitSethidon’t recommend real estate. RamitSethi still rents an apartment and doesn’t own any real estate because he doesn’t believe it.

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My recommendation is you should do what’s right for you. I know some gay travelers have invested in real estate and they are doing really well financially because they love real estate. I also know some gay travelers who have invested in the stock market and they are really wealthy.


An experienced gay traveler who is also a seasoned investor told me that there are two ways to make money in the stock market: capital gain and dividends. When he was younger, he did capital gain to maximize his profit. But now he is getting older, so he prefers dividends to get a stable passive income.

Teach English overseas

Okay. I also would like to recommend something that most gay tourists can definitely do – teaching English overseas.


I know the above-mentioned three ways to make money while traveling are not for everyone because not everyone can run a freelance business, own an online company or become an investor overnight.


But if you are from a western country, you can easily become an English teacher overseas. Let me explain.


If you are a gay traveler from an English-speaking country, you can probably teach English in any non-English-speaking country.


Usually, the requirement is lower in Asia – you don’t need to know another language in order to become an English teacher in Asia (You can speak English only). But the requirement is higher in Europe – you probably need to know the local European language in order to become an English teacher there.


If you’re a gay tourist from a non-English-speaking western country and you want to teach English in Asia, that’s also possible.

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Combine various ways

My final recommendation is a gay traveler would be well-advised to combine various ways to make money while circumnavigating the world. This brings a lower risk and higher Return on Investment (ROI).


For instance, a friend of mine is a wonderful gay traveler who teaches English on Monday and Friday, runs his freelance business on Saturday and Sunday & manages his investment on Wednesday. He has Tuesday and Thursday off.


His income is high, stable and impressive. I have learned a lot from this gay guy.


And you may want to do the same!

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