Gay Travel App on How to Have an Alluring Mindset

Welcome to Findle app’s official blog again!  In this article, you are going to learn the essential strategies to become a more irresistible gay traveller.  When you finish reading this article, you will become a more luscious, irresistible and confident gay dude because you will have the right skills and competence


What You’ll Learn

If you are keen to learn all our techniques on this blog, I’d like you to plan some time every month or even every week to actually learn and implement the techniques that I teach on this blog.  Remember, if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.So please take out your calendar or diary nowand write down when you will study and practise the strategies that I teach you on Findle app’s official blog.

Now, the today’s article is about how to have an alluring mindset.  After reading this article, you will understand how irresistible gay travellers think.  Once you have the right mindset, you will be able to implement the techniques that I teach you more easily and naturally.  Then all you need to do is to be open-minded and take gays travel

Consultants from the best gay travel app claim that getting an alluring mind is very important because it’s the prerequisite of enjoying sensuality and sexuality.  This is even more important to active members on a gay travel app.  Unlike the majority of men who are sexually aroused by what they see, most gay travellers are also turned on by what we hear and think.  The biggest sexual organ in your body is your brain.  If you want to have an amazing sexual experience, you need more than physical arousal.  You need to be stirred physically and mentally.  In this article, I will introduce four strategies to stir yourself mentally no matter you have a partner or not.

Think Sexy Thoughts

The first strategy is to keep thinking sexy thoughts.

That means you can have a fantasy anytime, anywhere.  The joy of a fantasy is that you don’t have to be sensible, responsible or practise safe s*x.  I’d like you to imagine your ideal sexual encounter.  When the hot manager comes to your office to give you a document, you can imagine having s*x with him on your desk.  When the sexy plumber comes to your house to fix your bathtub, just imagine having a bubble bath with him.  If you do that often, you will become a mentally sexual gay man.  That will prepare you for becoming a luscious and irresistible gay parade best

The second strategy is to read erotica.

Research on the best gay travel app shows that gay men who read erotica have better love lives than those who don’t.  My suggestion is only read books that combine erotica with romance, and don’t watch blue movies because most adult videos don’t have a romantic story in it.  That context is wrong, and you need to have the right context, which means the romantic story is just as important as the erotic description.  For example, you may read gay literature.  You can also read other similar books, as long as it works for you.

Physiology & Psychology

The third strategy is using physiology to change your psychology.

Yes, your physiology influences your emotions and feelings a lot.  Actually, you can try it now.  For instance, you can dress in fabrics that caress your skin.  Tactile fabrics such as velvet, fake fur, very fine wool, satin and silk don’t just feel nice – they also heighten your sensitivity, so that you can fine-tune your sensations.  Just wear anything that brushes pleasurably against your body.  According to our expert from the best gay travel app, a gay man’s skin is at least ten times more sensitive than the average male skin, so we are biologically programmed to wake up our sense of touch with some very simple help.Gay Travel App

The fourth strategy is to learn some skills about how to create sexual chemistry, so that your confidence is backed up by competence. 

Before you can have truly great s*x and sustain the enjoyment of great pleasure, you must have sexual chemistry, and your self-esteem is a big factor in sexual attraction.  If you like yourself and the way you look, you unconsciously send out messages to others that give them permission to feel the same way about you.  Nothing is sexier than confidence, so confidence is a magnet that draws other people towards you.  If you’d like to have the competence which leads to confidence, you will need to actually implement what I teach on this blog.  This is an online space that offers a new approach to sexual attraction, an approach based on playfulness, a sense of adventure and a commitment to fun and pleasure.  It’s a celebration of being gay and an acknowledgement that gay travellers deserve to experience all the joys that life can bring.

I’d like to mention a quote from CoCo Chanel: “You can be gorgeous at twenty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

Build Intense Attraction

Now you will learn how to increase the attraction when you are on a date with a gay traveller that you like.  Research has shown that the actual words you say only account for 7% of the overall impression you make on someone.  Interestingly, your tone of voice, the way you move and stand, the clothes you wear, your gestures and physical responses account for the rest.  Now I’d like to introduce three techniques that you can implement on your next date.  These techniques work amazingly well if it’s your first date.

The first technique is your sexy physical gestures which can be done under the radar.  If you are having a dinner date with someone you’ve met on the best gay travel app, you can occasionally stroke your neck or hair, and touch your mouth or the stem of your wine glass.  He will have sexual associations when he sees you running your fingers seductively up and down the stem of your wine glass.  Remember: 1) only do this occasionally; 2) make sure that you’ve had a manicure before the date if you are a drag gays

The second technique is your physical response.  Ask him what time it is.  When he says “It’s 9 o’clock”, you can pretend to be surprised and jokingly grab his arm to see his watch, as if you need proof that he is telling you the truth.  This physical touch is going to be memorable.  He will keep thinking about it for the rest of the night.

The third technique is to get him to touch you in a smart way.  You can wear a necklace, and then quickly and secretly click open the clasp.  Now you ask him, “Sorry, could you please help me to put my necklace back on?”  He will probably have to touch your neck while helping you, and this will make him nervous in a good way, because he will feel excited when he is so close to your neck.  Besides, he will probably feel like a hero, as he is rescuing you from such a situation.  That makes him feel like a real man when he is with you.forest gay travel

In fact, Technique 2 and Technique 3 can be used on other occasions as well.  For example, if you spot a hot gay guy at a party, you can ask him what time it is or ask him to help you put your necklace back on.  These techniques will give him the chance to fall in love with you.

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