Gay Icons: The Coolest Music for Us While Traveling

This year I’m going to have a road trip with my partner in order to support gay pride. We are planning on driving a car throughout the trip, so we really, really need to listen to the right music in the car 😊

Recommendation: Cub Sport

Cub Sport is an Australian alt-pop group from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is said that Brisbane is the Las Vegas of Australia, meaning the entertainment scene in Brisbane is the best in this country. Also, boys from Brisbane are good at singing and dancing (just like boys from Ireland can sing and dance) because they are so artistic.

As an independent alt-pop group, this band has already released three studio albums and four EPs. This band is also known as Tim Nelson and the Cub Scouts from 2010 to 2011 and Cub Scouts from 2011 to 2013. Their genres are dream pop, synthpop and Indie pop. Members include Tim Nelson, Zoe Davis, Sam Netterfield and Dan traveler is driving a car

When a gay traveler is driving a car, Cub Sport’s music should be the most relaxing background music along the way because their songs are very soothing, grounding and calming.

Their best song is I Never Cried So Much in My Whole Life which was released on October 17th, 2019. This song is about happy crying and being filled with joy, happiness, pride and gratitude for how far they had come – Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield got married in 2018, after announcing their engagement in July 2017.

As I see it, gay relationships are more stable and sustainable. It seems that gay couples are much more likely to get married and stay married, probably because fighting for marriage equality was so hard – we cherish this positive result more.

Recommendation: Savage Garden

Talking about Cub Sport, we have to talk about Savage Garden as well. Please let me explain.

First of all, both Cub Sport and Savage Garden come from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Savage Garden was popular in the 90s and Cub Sport is popular 20 years later (AKA now). It is uncommon for Australian musicians to become successful internationally, especially when it comes to entering the US market, which is very, very difficult. As a matter of fact, many outstanding British and Irish singers can’t penetrate the US market successfully, e.g. Westlife. But Cub Sport and Savage Garden are reasonably successful globally.

Second, Darren Hayes, the front man and singer of Savage Garden, was featured in Cub Sport’s new song I Never Cried So Much in My Whole Life in October 2019. This is Darren’s first new song since 2011 – Darren didn’t have any new songs for 8 years.Gay Icons

Third, nowadays coming out from the closet isn’t too difficult, but in the 90s, it was extremely hard. When Darren Hayes was working with a record company in the 90s, the executives at the record company didn’t openly say that being gay is bad for sales, but that was heavily implied. Indeed, Darren was marketed in a way which appealed to women at that time. After Darren came out in around 2000 / 2001, his singing career was negatively affected, as evidenced by the fact that his first solo album Spin only sold 4 million copies worldwide, which is considered to be a failure by the record company.

After gay icon Darren Hayes released his second solo album The Tension and the Spark, he ended his contract with the record company. Apparently, the record company has 60 other artists to promote and doesn’t want to further invest in Darren Hayes’s solo career. That’s exactly why we should support gay artists such as Darren.

The main difference between Savage Garden’s songs and Darren Hayes’s solo songs is that Savage Garden’s songs were written before Darren came out (although his Affirmation album already includes a song that indicates his true sexuality), whereas most of his solo songs are about his gay relationships with men – in his recent songs, only “he”, “him” and “his” are used in the lyrics in terms of third-person pronouns.

By the way, after divorcing his ex-wife in 2000, Darren Hayes married his husband Richard Cullen for three times: 1) a private wedding; 2) a civil partnership in the United Kingdom; 3) a legal wedding in the United States. Clearly, gay marriages are highly cherished by our subculture.

Recommendation: Westlife

As an Irish pop vocal group, Westlife formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2012. But these boys reunited in 2018. Previously, Brian McFadden was a member of Westlife, but now their current group members are Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan and Nicky Byrne.

Among these good-looking and talented men, Mark Feehily is a gay singer who is the highest-charting LGBT performer and Irish LGBT performer on the UK Singles Chart – with 15 number one appearances. Mark Feehily came out in August 2005 as gay during an interview with The Sun, a British tabloid. As a matter of fact, Mark Feehily knew his sexuality when he was only 14 or 15 years of age. Also, his friends, family and bandmates knew his sexual orientation before 2005. But Louis Walsh (Westlife’s manager) didn’t know Mark’s sexual orientation when he started to manage this group. Because Mark is the only gay singer in this group, he kept his homosexuality private for a very long time. Actually, Mark Feehily dated women before he came out, but now he has confirmed that he is actually gay.

Most of their fans are women, but no negative reaction arises after Mark Feehily came out in 2005. In 2019, Mark Feehily and Cailean O’Neill announced their engagement and their daughter Layla was born via surrogate on October 3rd, couples love

Recommendation: Cher

Although Cher is not a gay artist, her music is loved by the LGBTQIA community so much. When I went to her concert in 2018, I met so many lovely gay men and lesbian women who absolutely love Cher’s songs.

Almost every drag queen out there has imitated Cher at some stage in their acting career. Indeed, Cher is tall and alluring. She is a strong woman with a very good heart.

Her daughter (Chastity Sun Bono) became her son (Chaz Salvatore Bono) in 2010. Chaz is a musician, actor and writer. As a trans man, Chaz came out as a lesbian who published two books: 1) Family Outing: A Guide to the Coming Out Process for Gays, Lesbians, and Their Families; 2) The End of gay travel app free

Between 2008 and 2010, Chaz underwent female-to-male gender transition.

Due to Cher’s longevity, sense of style and career accomplishments, Cher has become a gay icon who is extremely popular in the LGBT community. Because Cher overcame insult and difficulties on her path to success, she is admired by drag queens worldwide. In 1979, Cher already hired two drag queens to perform with her in a concert in Las Vegas. Apart from that, Cher played a lesbian role in a movie called Silkwood, so she is further promoted in the LGBTQA community.

Who can resist a good CD while driving a car for a road trip?

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