Community Guidelines

Findle is an international community that are committed to providing a platform where inclusion and diversity thrive. We like members who treat others with respect, and we don’t like those who engage in any type of bad behavior. These community guidelines are here to help you express yourself in the right ways while helping Findle gay app to maintain a secure, authentic and appropriate platform that we would like to create. Violation of community guidelines can lead to the removal of prohibited content or a permanent ban from Findle gay travel app.

Play nice and treat other users with respect.

Note that Findle doesn’t put up with abusive behavior, harassment and discrimination. This platform would like you to have fun, but not at the expense of other people. Anybody found threatening, bullying or defaming other members will be banned permanently.

Any discriminatory content on profiles will be removed by Findle. You can express your preferences, yet we want to know what you like, not what you don’t like.

When you notice someone breaks the rules, please report that individual immediately and we will take appropriate action accordingly. You might meet someone who offend you without violating these guidelines. In that case, we highly recommend using the block feature by yourself.

Your safety is your No. 1 priority.

We understand your safety is very important. Please note that Findle travel app will not ask you for your banking information or your password. Make sure you keep your data private and secure.

In order to further protect your privacy, Findle gay app will get rid of any sensitive personal data that is displayed on your profile in public, e.g. your residential address and your telephone number. Accounts with information like that can be banned permanently.

Make sure your photos are appropriate.

When your photos are appropriate, everyone is happy – other users won’t find you offensive& we can approve your profile photos fast so that you can start meeting other gay men quickly.

These photos are not allowed on Findle platform:

  • Naked photos and pornographic photos.
  • S*x toys and s*x acts.
  • Underwear photos.
  • Genitals are visible through clothing.
  • Crotch shots.
  • Graphic content/emoticon about sexual acts.

Note that we allow swimwear. As some bathing suits look like underwear, we ask you to upload bathing suit photos that were taken in outdoor environments (e.g. by the pool, on the beach, and so forth).

Obey the laws at all times.

If something is illegal in real life, you can’t do it on Findle gay travel app either. Don’t mention drugs on Findle, please.

All escorts’ accounts will be banned permanently.

All photos and/or messages that include weapons and violence will be removed permanently.

People under 18 are not allowed to use Findle travel app for gay men. You should report any underage member.

Be sincere and authentic.

You can only be yourself on Findle, not somebody else. Any accounts impersonate others, including celebrities, will be permanently banned. If you think someone is impersonating others, please report that member immediately.

Copyrighted illustrations and pictures will be removed. Any advertising is prohibited on members’ profiles because Findle travel app is for non-commercial use only.

If you use a CC0 photo to represent yourself, this photo will be removed as well, even though it is a CC0 photo (the photographer has given up their intellectual property and referencing isn’t required). This is because you are supposed to honestly display photos that actually represent yourself so that other members can see what you look like while connecting with you online. Therefore, please avoid using any random images that you’ve found on the Internet on your profile on Findle gay travel app.

Note that Findle team can identify which photos are found on the Internet (including CC0 photos) and which photos are genuine photos from real users in the community. Hence, you shouldn’t run game on our system.

Don’t send spam emails or messages to others. Spammers will be permanently banned from Findle.


Last but not least, don’t think too much. We provide these community guidelines to make sure that Findle travel app is safe and secure. As long as you are respectful, welcoming and sincere, you are all right!