Advice from Gay Travel App: Why Should a Drag Queen Boost His Attractiveness?

Findle app is the Internet’s favorite gay travel app which regularly gives the gay community useful advice. Today, I’m going to offer some helpful tips for gay men who are drag queens (or who are keen to become drag queens).


Appeal and Your Life

Why does boosting your attractivenesstransform your life?

You know there is no fluff in our content, so let’s look at the good stuff directly.

Reason #1: Boosting your attractiveness makes your love life much better.

People don’t want to talk about it, although this is a fact:  Most of the time, drag queens and other gay men are looking for very different things while seeking prospective marital partners.  Other gay men focus more on drag queens’ looks and in contrast, drag queens focus more on other aspects of these gay guys, including the ability to financially support a family (the alpha gay man doesn’t have to financially provide for the family, but it’s important that he can provide for the family financially.)

If you know something about the dating advice industry (especially dating advice for men), you can clearly see what men want, as men are constantly discussing how to get the “9s and 10s”.  Besides, rarely can you see hugely successful men marry individuals who are not models, celebrities, etc.Successful men don’t talk about this in their daily life, but they all want sexually attractive partners. It’s not men’s fault; it’s human travel journey

To be blunt, a drag queen’sattractiveness can buy financial support from a man, even if this drag queen doesn’t need his money.

Clearly, the first reason is all about human nature.  Whether you like it or not, human nature isn’t going to change. Gay men and other people all share the same human nature.

Reason #2: Boosting your attractiveness improves your career. 

A recent survey conducted by University of Texas and University of London offers obvious statistical evidence that attractiveness can certainly improve your career – A typical sexy individual’s income is 4% more than a typical average-looking person’s income.

This research also demonstrates that sexually attractive people are more likely to be employed or promoted, work more profitably and receive more pay.

Therefore, we have solid evidence to prove that attractiveness can make you more successful in your career if you are a drag queen.

Reason #3: Boosting your appeal makes life much easier in general.

I did an experiment a while ago: I sent a sexy man to a coffee shop where many people were waiting in line.  I asked this sexy man to butt in line.  He did it.  Miraculously, nobody cared!

Two days later, I sent another man to the same coffee shop.  He was wearing shabby clothes and hadn’t had a shower for two days.  I also asked him to butt in line.  Three people told him off!

The result is clear: life is easier for sexually attractive individuals.

Indeed, they are admitted to pubs faster, get a table quicker and are served their drinks sooner.

Yes, your attractiveness induces more people to like you, including other gay men and gay travelers.

Scientists call it “halo effect”.  In this case, a halo effect happens when your physical attractiveness dominates the way others perceive you.  People make this judgement without being aware that attractiveness plays an important role in the process – we tend to associate sexy individuals with positive traits such as intelligence, kindness, and so on.

No wonder attractive people are more likely to get help when in need and are more persuasive in changing others’ opinions.

Now you know why a hot model posing with a car will make the car look more desirable.  In fact, marketers claim that the same holds true for all products.

Reason #4: Boosting your attractiveness is also boosting your confidence.

An Australian study shows that sexy drag queens are happier than their less attractive counterparts because they enjoy undeniable benefits in every aspect of life.

Sexy drag queens dress better, get better jobs and perform at better gay bars, not just because attractiveness oozes from their pores, but because confidence gives them the power.

Imagine having more appeal – you’ll be more attractive, more likeable, and most importantly, more confident. And this will open doors for you in your gay travel journey.

I have spent years studying this subject and doing research on appeal, so I can tell you that you can learn sexiness and use it to your advantage.  On this blog, I will show you how to boost your appeal instantly and make the most of your sexiness!gay community useful advice

Key Ideas about Appeal

Before I start talking about how to instantly boost your appeal in detail, understanding key ideas and concepts about appeal is the foundation of your success.

Key idea #1: Appeal is a bankable asset.  It is a mixture of physical fitness, appearance, dress sense, confidence, mindset, social skills, respect, context, and sexuality.  Most importantly, it is your ability to use all of these to your advantage.

Obviously, Marilyn Monroe used every element that I have mentioned above to her advantage (I’m not sure whether she did that consciously or not). But I’m sure if we can do it consciously and consistently, life will become amazing.

Key idea #2: Your body language plays a very important role in your appeal.

Typical body language that can boost your appeal includes: angling your body and sticking out your hips, running your fingers through your hair, batting your eyelashes,smiling a lot and leaning in while talking.  These all sound quite easy for drag queens and other gay men, but this blog will present something that you’ve never thought of before.

I will teach you body language as well as other important elements that you can learn immediately.

Key idea #3: Most gay guysare not really choosy (especially when their testosterone ishigh), so even if you boost your appeal in a subtle way, they will still feel the attraction(but they don’t know why).

This may surprise drag queens, but it’s a fact.  A relationship expert from a gay travel appliterally said, “As long as a drag queen is reasonably attractive, he can get most dicks in the gay travel world because when a gay guy is traveling and going to gay pubswhere drag queens perform sexy shows, his mindset is open to new experiences.”

Love life shouldn’t be that hard for drag queens – we just need to find the right resources to help us and take action accordingly.

Key idea #4: Things outside you can also help you to boost your appeal.

In the first key idea, I mentioned that context is one key element in your appeal.  This may sound bizarre, but let me put it this way: You can do everything right, however, if you are doing it in the wrong place or context, probably it will still be very hard toachieve the result you want.

Let me introduce this example first.  I had a mentor who moved from Perth to Los Angeles in his twenties.  I asked him why he moved to Los Angeles.  His answer was, “If I live in Perth, life will be nice and easy.  But I knew I wouldn’t meet the right people in Perth.”  And he is right – after moving to Los Angeles, he is now married to a very handsome, caring, successful and generous gay partner.  Also, his career took off quickly because he was surrounded by powerful people who can help him with his work and life.alpha gay man

(I’m sure Perth also has many handsome, caring, successful and generous gay men, but the total number of high-qualitygayguysis much larger in Los Angeles due to its population.)

I’m not saying my mentor has boosted his appeal successfully in Los Angeles.  What I am saying is doing the right things in the right context can fast-track your success in any aspect of life.

Therefore, if you are a sexually attractive drag queen, you should go to elegant places.  I had a kind, intelligent and hardworking client who improved his appeal dramatically after doing some work with me, but he still had difficulty keeping an ideal gay partner.  I asked him many questions and realized that the reason why potential gay partnersdidn’t want to be with him was because once a man entered his house, this guest couldn’t associate this drag queen’s sexiness with his messy house!

As a result, a sexually attractive drag queen would be well-advised to create classy surroundings as well.

An elegant place is not only about beautiful furniture and expensive meals.  In fact, an elegant place is also, about how you stimulate people’s senses: what we hear, what we smell, and so on.

I will discuss which fragrance boosts your appeal later on this blog.  Now I’d like to talk about which music doesn’t boost your appeal.

Music and Appeal

According to a study conducted by the journal “Communication Research” in 1989, country music is probably the least sexy music – a setting that plays country music is the least sexually charged place in gay travelers’ opinion and drag queen’s opinion.  Well, at least now we know what to avoid when trying to boost our appeal!

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