A Gay Travel Guide: Building a powerful social network while travelling

Your network is your net worth.

This is true because my personal experience has proved it. Now let me share my insights in this regard with you so that more gay travelers can benefit from what I know.

Meet like-minded people

In order to build a powerful social circle full of interesting friends, I downloaded Findle, the best gay travel app & met a large number of like-minded gay tourists from all over the world.

This is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life because being gay can be lonely sometimes. Anyway, now I am surrounded by a lot of great friends because of that decision.Meet like-minded people

For instance, when I went to Mexico City, I met a local gay man via Findle app. We went to a gay club together and had a wonderful time.

He gave me his business card, and I sent him a text message the next day. As I see it, the most important step is to contact someone I’ve met within 24 hours so that he will remember me.

This gay guy is a Celebrity Makeup Artist from Mexico City who has worked with celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, he has many high-profile connections.

He introduced many of his powerful friends to me. One of those guys is an influential man in Latin Americawho has become an investor of my business.

Send text messages

In fact, I learned this technique from Jordan Harbinger, the instructor of Six-minute Networking Free Course in which he teaches me to send text messages to people that I haven’t spoken to recently.

Therefore, every morning at 10am, I send 3 text messages to three gay travelers that I met when I was travelling. The text message looks like this: “Hey Adam! How have you been? I’m thinking about going to XYZ gay pub. Let me know if you are interested, too.”Send text messages

Of course, I don’t have everyone’s cell phone number, so I sometimes send them emails like that. And it works wonders for me.

According to the book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, the author points out that many people hope they have stayed in touch with their friends before they die.

Hence, I don’t want to have that kind of regret and I must keep in touch with my gay friends.

As to my acquaintances, I think these weak links are very important as well, because the truth is my close friends can’t help me with my career, but my weak links can. Please let me explain.

If my friends can help me with my career, they must have done it already. Since my friends and I share the same resources, it’s almost impossible for them to help me improve my career.

In contrast, those weak links have different resources, so it’s easier for them to give me career opportunities that I want.

This is the beauty of gay travel – I have met so many like-minded people that can connect with me instantly, but because I only stay in a city for a few weeks, these people are more likely to be my weak links rather than close friends.

Yet weak links are very helpful as they have brought me a lot of resources that I wouldn’t have access to without meeting these people.

So, I’m eternally grateful.

By the way, I learned this technique from Never Eat Alone, a book written by Keith Ferrazzi who coined the term “weak links”.

The entrepreneurship 

Because I’ve been interested in entrepreneurship since many years ago, I tend to gravitate towards people who have the same interest. As a result, I find it really easy to make friends with gay travelers and local gay men in cities such as New York, Boston, Seattle, London and Sydney where there are many entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurship scene is real in New York City. Personally, I have met at least 10 gay travelers and New Yorkers who are entrepreneurs when I was in NYC. I met them via MeetUp.com where people who share the same interests congregate.

As I see it, entrepreneurs are generally growth-driven, ambitious and creative people. That’s why I connect with them quickly. I highly value supporting other gay men in business, and so do my friends.

I’ve met suppliers and customers because of my gay vacations in New York every year. Yes, each year I go to New York City once for a holiday. And it has been very therapeutic, relaxing and rewarding experiences – I’ve met lots of people that have helped me with my business as well.The entrepreneurship scene

I’d like to strike a balance in this way: When I want to focus on my work, I prefer living in a small city where there aren’t many distractions, so I can concentrate on my work at home for at least 7 hours a day. Then I go out at night to meet people in gay bars and gay clubs.

A small city is good because it has everything I need and it doesn’t have too many distractions or noises.

Yet once in a while, I need to go to a big city because I feel energized by meeting powerful people. Frankly, there aren’t enough VIPs in small cities as the majority of ambitious people live in big cities.

That’s why I have gay vacations regularly, e.g. going to New York City in July each year, going to Sydney in December each year, etc.

Whenever I visit a big city, I always go to gay saunas where I can hear people talk. My pro tip is going to a gay sauna on weekdays, i.e. from Monday to Friday during the day time. That’s because successful people who can control their own schedules have the time to go to gay saunas during normal business hours.

In contrast, working class people can only go to gay bathhouses when they aren’t at work, e.g. at night & on weekends.

I’ve met celebrities, CEOs, successful business owners in gay bathhouses in big cities such as Sydney and New York. A lot of them have become my friends and acquaintances. Some of them have become my business partners in various areas.

Have gay friends

Gary Vaynerchuk famously said something along the lines of, “If I knew gay travel apps can be so successful, I would have invested in them because subcultures always win.”

Indeed, subcultures always win in many ways. In my opinion, the reason my business can be so successful is that gay men support each other genuinely.Have gay friends

Because we are in the subculture of gay dating, we want to help each other whenever we can. That’s very, very normal.

Hence, I’d like to encourage you to have more gay vacations, go to gay bars &gay hotels, and actually meet more like-minded people that you admire!

This can be a game changer.


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