A gay tourist’s confession: How I live a frugal and fabulous life

I’m a typical gay tourist: handsome, fun-loving, adventurous and gay. More importantly, I live a frugal and fantastic life at the same time. You may wonder how I can put frugal and fantastic on my plate at the same time. Well, let me show you how.

Frugality and simplicity

My capsule wardrobe consists of seven outfits only – one outfit per day each week. This removes the issue of wondering what I should wear every morning. It is said that the average gay guy spends15 minutes thinking about what to wear every day, and that’s just a waste of time in my opinion.

Instead, I don’t spend time thinking about what to wear each day because I have streamlined my wardrobe – I only have 7 outfits in total, so the activation energy is very low every morning.

Activation energy refers to the energy that you need to spend in order to do something productive. For instance, when a gay man decides to go to the gym every day, it is easier when he puts his gym clothes near the door so that he can get dressed correctly easily.

Similarly, when a gay guy decides to practice playing guitar, it’s always easier when his guitar is already on the couch so he can pick it up immediately. Hopefully now you’ve got the gist.typical gay tourist

I know that many successful people tend to wear the same outfit all the time because they don’t want to waste their precious time thinking about what to wear constantly. Some successful people even hire personal assistants who can deal with this directly. For example, Marie Forleo’s assistant helps her get her clothes ready for her Marie TV (Marie Forleo hates shopping, so someone else does it for her).

When I decide to have a capsule wardrobe which only includes 7 outfits, it removes the necessity of going shopping aimlessly. I only go shopping when I need to replace something, e.g. when something is broken and I need to get a new item to replace it.

But when I do go shopping, I buy quality rather than quantity. I dislike cheap rubbish without taste. I tend to buy high-quality clothing with reasonable prices.

In fact, high-quality clothing with reasonable prices lasts much longer. Therefore, if you do the math, you will see that the cost per wear is actually lower than cheap rubbish. So, I’m pretty sure I’m doing the right thing.

As a gay traveler, traveling with a capsule wardrobe makes life much easier because simplicity is so key.

The art of thriftiness

I get paid every fortnight, so I have a money date with myself every second Saturday. The money date is a time for me to track and manage my money carefully. I always make it fun by having a nice beverage at the same time (hot chocolate, chamomile tea, etc.) Sometimes I even have three beverages on my table at the same time.

Whenever I get paid, I always save money first because I know the importance of paying myself first. Therefore, I save at least 50% of my income.Some gay travelers

Then I decide how much money I need to spend. Usually $500 per fortnight is definitely enough – this includes daily expenditure and play money.

Finally, I pay my bills. Yes, I always pay my bills last because I don’t think paying bills should be my priority. I learned a technique from a book called Money A Love Story – create a folder on the computer and name it “invoices for blessings already received” – that’s the folder for bills. It’s super fun! Paying bills doesn’t seem to be painful anymore.

Some gay travelers pay their bills first and pay themselves last. Personally, I think it’s a mistake because they shouldn’t make somebody else a priority in their life.

Because I have $500 to spend every fortnight, that’s enough to buy things that I need and things that I want, i.e. money for daily expenditure and play money are both sufficient.

As a result, I’m able to live a frugal and fabulous life.

The fabulous part

After talking about the frugal part of my life, it’s time to discuss the fabulous part. We all know the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Hence, play is also an important part of life, in my opinion.

I remember a gay traveler asked me, “Why do you watch The Ellen Show frequently?” In his opinion, watching comedy shows like that is meaningless because he wants to treat life seriously.

Well, I actually believe that if you want to treat life seriously, you have to enjoy life by laughing A LOT. Having a very serious face doesn’t mean you treat your life seriously at all. As a matter of fact, the opposite is right.joining the best gay travel app

Every successful person I know laughs a lot – they laugh all the time because they cherish each moment in life – they want to savor everything that life has to offer by having fun.

Furthermore, I also believe that “All saving and no spending makes Jill a depressed girl”. Although I’m not a girl (I’m a gay dude), I think this philosophy is absolutely right. I remember many years ago when I was about to share an apartment witha roommate, my dad told me not to have a roommate, “Just rent a place for yourself. Why do you make money? You should enjoy your money so you can enjoy life.”

He is so right. After that, I have never had a roommate in my life. And I really like this lifestyle. I’ve shared this insight with many gay tourists already.

Previously, I mentioned that I have funds for things I need and things I want. A lot of people who believe in thriftiness tend to buy things they need only and avoid buying things they want, but that strategy isn’t sustainable because you are only human.gay traveler

When I buy something I want, I would definitely use it. That’s for sure. Therefore, money enjoyed isn’t money wasted.

Similarly, time enjoyed isn’t time wasted either. That’s why I also spend money on experiences such as going to see a fashion parade, getting on a cruise ship, joining the best gay travel app, etc.

But I don’t say yes to everything. I only say yes to things that are absolutely right for me. If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no.

I have a USB called “treat life seriously” in which I save folders for all the wonderful experiences I’ve enjoyed in life. Each folder is named according to the experience I’ve had. So far, I have folders such as “Fashion Festival 2018”, “Gay Pride Event 2019”, and so forth.

A final suggestion

Please note that when you spend money on experiences rather than on things, you enjoy your money more, because experiences make you happier in general.

Nobody can take their money with them when they die, so if you only accumulate things, you can’t fully enjoy them anyway. In fact, when you own too many things, they actually own you instead.gay mans

I know some gay travelers have difficulty moving from one place to another place because they’ve got too many things. So, I don’t want to make that mistake.

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